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Friday deadline for rent, mortgage relief lottery


If you’ve been unable to pay your rent or mortgage due to being out of work for the last few months, the State of Alaska may have some relief for you.

To receive a payment, you’ll have to be able to demonstrate that you lost wages due to COVID-19.
The State allocated ten million dollars in federal CARES Act funding for rental assistance and mortgage relief.

The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation is managing that program and the deadline to apply is Friday evening  - one minute before midnight at 11:59 p.m.

The application is on the City of Homer Website and on the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation website.  Here’s Jenny Carroll from the City of Homer on the Thursday COVID-19 Brief.

“You put in an application through the HFC website and they will collect those applications. After the deadline, they're actually going to conduct a lottery to see who are the selected recipients for a one time payment that is payable to your landlord or to who you hold your mortgage with.”
So if you think you might be eligible, go to the city website, if you're in need and get that application in,” said Carroll.

Stacy Barnes is a spokesperson for the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. She says that recipients will get up to twelve hundred dollars.

“If for example your apartment is renting for $1,000 a month, the maximum you will receive is $1,000 for that month,” Barnes said.

She specifies that the check will not go to the individual applicant. It will be send directly to the property owner or mortgage company. Applicants will get a receipt to verify that the funds were paid.

The odds are better than good that you will get a check if you’re eligible. According to Barnes, There are still more funds available than applications submitted.

"The is a range of Alaskan Households we expect to able to serve, anywhere between five thousand and eight thousand. as of last night we had 5,671 applications," said Barnes.

The application for rental and mortgage assistance is on the City of Homer Website and on the AHFC website. Barnes says the application takes about five minutes to complete and can easily be filed from a cell phone. The deadline to apply is Friday night, (tonight) June 26, at 11:59 p.m.

If you don’t have internet capability, there is a number to call for assistance.

That number is toll free: (833) 444-0420.