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Code of Integrity

Public broadcasters across the country have adopted shared principles to strengthen trust in our work and assure the integrity our communities expect of us as valued public service institutions.  

KBBI contributes to a strong civil society and active community life. We provide access to knowledge and culture, extend public education, and offer varied viewpoints and sensibilities.  

Independence is essential to our work. It is rooted in America’s commitment to free speech and a free press.  It is reflected in the unique and critical media roles that federal, state, and local leaders have asked of us across the years. It is affirmed by the courts.

Trust is equally fundamental. We reinforce trust in our integrity through rigorous, voluntary standards for how we produce our work, raise funds, interact with our communities, and govern our organizations.

Our standards apply to all the content we produce and present, regardless of subject matter, including news, science, history, information, music and cultural content.  These standards apply across all the channels and platforms we use – broadcasting, online, social media, print, media devices, and in-person events.

We contribute to the civic, educational, and cultural life of our communities by presenting a range of ideas and cultures and offering a robust forum for discussion and debate.

We pursue facts about events and issues in our communities and other important matters that affect people’s lives with accuracy and integrity.

We incorporate the diversity of demography, culture, and beliefs in our communities and the nation into our work and our content to strengthen our fairness and responsiveness.

We share the reasons for our program and content choices with our audiences and users. We aim for transparency in how we gather and report news and create other content.

We promote clarity about our fundraising operations and practices with our donors and audiences.  We maintain respectful relationships with our contributors. We acknowledge the sponsors of our programming and disclose the terms on which we obtain their support.

We assure that our editorial process is free from undue influence by others.  We exercise care in how we seek and accept funds to avoid both the fact and the appearance of such influence. We set careful boundaries between our contributors and our content creators.

We welcome editorial partnerships and collaborations that expand our capacity to serve, add to the perspectives we share with our audiences, and enhance the timeliness and relevance of our work. We apply our own standards to our partnerships and collaborations.

We expect that employees are mindful of their actions, even when “off the clock.” We uphold our integrity, trust, credibility, and impartiality. in our personal as well as our professional lives and conduct.

We govern our organizations in ways that promote the common good and the public interest. We manage our activities in ways that reflect our commitment to integrity and trustworthiness.

The Public Media Code of Integrity was developed with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.            

Approved by KBBI Board of Directors   Date:  January 9, 2014

KBBI Board President:  _________________

                                                 Michael Hawfield