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Walden Bros can print and embroider any design imaginable

Brothers Trenton (left) and Trevor Walden (right) founded Walden Bros in 2020
Hunter Morrison
Brothers Trenton (left) and Trevor Walden (right) founded Walden Bros in 2020

Hidden among the mass of businesses located at Soldotna’s Copper Center strip mall is a one-stop shop for all things printing and embroidery. Walden Bros has been operating on the Kenai Peninsula for about four years, specializing in selling customizable and affordable t-shirts, hoodies, hats, duffel bags and more.

As its name suggests, the small business was founded and is owned by brothers Trevor and Trenton Walden. The duo first discussed opening a shop in 2020.

“During COVID, we were just playing video games, and there was nothing productive being done,” Trevor said. “Trenton, for the longest time, had pestered that we need to start a t-shirt shop or t-shirt sales, or something.”

Originally selling their own brand of clothing, each brother had a different vision for the shop. Trenton envisioned an online store, where they would outsource a manufacturer to produce their customized clothing. Trevor pictured the two purchasing t-shirts and printing designs themselves.

Operating out of their living room at the time, the brothers soon realized the need for a local business that would provide customization services at an affordable price. After selling t-shirts to friends and making a profit, the two invested in a printer despite not knowing anything about printing on fabric.

“We kind of fumbled ourselves into it, we didn’t have a real plan to do it," Trevor said. "We were doing it for our brand, and when we were posting about doing it for our brand, there were people reaching out asking, ‘Can you do this for me? Can you do this for me?’”

Within a year, the company relocated to a shared space with SLP Alaska, an occupational safety and health services business owned by their dad. The move allowed the brothers to work in a more efficient space, which they say has contributed to an increase in business and community reach.

While most customizable clothing businesses screenprint their designs, Walden Bros uses a heat transfer process, which they say leads to more durable and lasting results. The brothers can print on any kind of fabric you can think of, from cotton and polyester to nylon.

“If you go to our website it’s almost sarcastic, because people ask that question all the time, ‘What can you do?,’" Trevor said. "The real question is, ‘What can’t you do?’”

The brothers say if you can dream of a design, they can make it happen. Plus, the company does not charge set-up fees or added rates for additional colors in your design pattern.

“One person will come in and they’ll ask, ‘Can I do this? And they’re freaking out, they’re in manic mode when they come in," Trevor said. "They’re like, ‘Cousin Jessie’s birthday’s tomorrow and I don’t have a present’ and they’re freaking out, but if you can make that happen with them, we call it a miracle moment.” 

Trevor says those “miracle moments” sometimes give him goosebumps.

In addition to its bulk pricing deals, Walden Bros recently started offering a deal of the week. They’ve also just joined the Soldotna and Kenai chambers of commerce, and say that’s helped attract potential customers. They also credit their family-oriented, friendly atmosphere as one of the reasons they’ve seen returning customers.

“The energy is just different," Trevor said. "We’re transparent, we’re not trying to stiff you. Our dad constantly tells the mantra of our family, ‘It’s easy to make a dollar, but it’s hard to make a difference.’”

For more information about Walden Bros, visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook.

Hunter Morrison is a news reporter at KDLL