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Kenai man arrested for sending threatening email to U.S. Senator

Riley Board

U.S. Capitol Police arrested a Kenai man this week for allegedly threatening a U.S. Senator.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Capitol Police, 46-year-old Arther Charles Graham of Kenai sent a threatening email to a senator in September. In the email, which was sent through a web submission form on the senator’s website, Graham writes that he is facing eviction, followed by explicit threats.

According to the complaint, Graham wrote that he would remove the senator’s skin and wear it.

The affidavit does not name which Senator received the threats, but it does use pronouns that suggest the recipient was female.

FBI agents went to Graham’s home in Kenai on Oct. 10, where they say he admitted to sending the email and said he knew it was illegal. Capitol Police received an arrest warrant Friday and arrested Graham on Monday.

Graham is charged with one count of interstate communications involving a threat to kidnap or injure, a crime that carries up to a five year sentence.

Graham’s attorney declined to comment Wednesday afternoon.

Riley Board is a Report For America participant and senior reporter at KDLL covering rural communities on the central Kenai Peninsula.