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Bird Rhythms: Marbled Murrelet

Aug 29, 2018
Gus van Vliet

This Bird of the Month profile for August is by Louise Ashman and features the marbled murrelet.
To learn more about local birding, go to kachemakbaybirders.org.

Bird Rhythms: Golden Crowned Sparrow

Jul 1, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

Michelle Michaud delivers June's
Bird of the Month profile
from The Kachemak Bay Birders.
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Bird Rhythms: Wilson's Snipe

May 28, 2018
Creative Commons

Fledgling birders Landon & Nolan Bunting host this episode of Bird Rhythms. They're highlighting Wilson's Snipe, May's Bird of the Month, brought to you by Kachemak Bay Birders. To learn more about local birding, visit kachemakbaybirders.org

Wwcsig via Wikimedia Commons

The twenty-sixth annual Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival begins Thursday. Both locals and visitors are poised to spot a large variety of shore and songbirds. But songbirds arrived later than usual this year.

This year the shorebird festival will offer over 100 events from workshops and field trips to film screenings and activities for young birders. Robbi Mixon is the shorebird festival director, and she said the event is expected to attract about 1,000 attendees this year.

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On this membership drive edition of Kachemak Science , Kachemak Bay Birders name the lesser sandhill crane their Bird of the Month on Bird Rhythms.
Also,  McNeil Canyon Elementary students, Hudson Loboy and Gautoma "Bubba" Schuett-Iwamura, present their data on dissolved oxygen and macroinvertebrates.  And, you'll hear part one of Sue Mauger's conversation with Kachemak Science on her recent trip to Antarctica.

Bird Rhythms: Downy Woodpecker

Apr 30, 2018
Creative Commons

Kachemak Bay Birders are contributing to our monthly, local science program, Kachemak Science. This month on Bird Rhythms, you'll hear calls from the downy woodpecker, the great horned owl and the saw whet owl. You can see more from the Kachemak Bay Birders at

Bird Rhythms: Lesser Sandhill Crane

Apr 30, 2018
Nina Faust - Kachemak Crane Watch

April's Bird of the Month is the lesser sandhill crane. They've been arriving in Homer for the last few weeks. Learn how to recognize their calls and watch for where they are nesting on this episode of Bird Rhythms.
You can help count cranes and nesting sites by going to cranewatch.org. To learn more about birding in the area, go to kachemakbaybirders.org.