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On October 7th voters decide whether the City of Homer will make the change from general law to home rule. For the first part of a three piece series we explore the meaning of home rule and how it works here in Alaska.


The financial picture hasn’t been so good this year for South Peninsula Hospital in Homer. That’s according its chief executive officer, Robert Letson, at the regular borough assembly meeting on Tuesday.


Each year, the Salvation Army gives away brand new winter clothes to help parents keep their children warm during the snowy months. Last weekend, for the first time, the charity held the giveaway inside their Homer headquarters.


Mayor Mike Navarre made a proclamation at Tuesday’s regular meeting of the borough assembly. September is now Hunger Action month on the Kenai Peninsula.


Governor Sean Parnell announced yesterday the 2014 Permanent Fund Dividend will be $1,884. That’s more than double last year’s low of $900.


Last week, the City of Homer rolled out the first of three planned open house meetings meant to showcase plans for a new public safety building. The first open house on Thursday addressed the need for the project and provided a space for residents to voice their doubts.

Homer Chamber of Commerce executive director Jim Lavrakas is stepping down from that position in mid-October.


In business, the general rule is cut costs and raise revenue wherever possible. A company in Homer partially ignores this tenet to provide compostable and recyclable products to environmentally conscious businesses.