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Protesters Against Military Training Exercises in Gulf of Alaska Gather on Homer Spit - Photo by Shady Grove Oliver/KBBI

Several coastal communities, including Kodiak, Cordova, and Homer, have held both land-based and fishing boat flotilla protests over the last few weeks to voice their concerns about planned Navy and joint military training exercises in the Gulf of Alaska. KBBI’s Shady Grove Oliver went to the protest in Homer on Friday and reports residents there just hoped their concerns would be listened to.

Crew of the Roanoke Island - Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI

After 23 years of service the US Coast Guard Cutter Roanoke Island is being put out to pasture. The cutter was officially decommissioned Thursday morning and she is being prepped for a long voyage to Baltimore, Maryland. KBBI’s Quinton Chandler attended the farewell ceremony for the cutter at the Homer Elks Lodge.

Marion Beck at the Saltry Restaurant - Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI

The summer season has begun anew and that means business is returning to Halibut Cove. Business owners in the secluded artists’ community will spend the season ferrying customers from Homer across Kachemak Bay. KBBI’s Quinton Chandler visited two iconic businesses in the cove as they welcomed the summer’s first guests.

Image Courtesy of the Department of Health and Social Services

In part 2 of our series we heard from seniors who are in danger of losing access to the state’s Medicaid Waiver Program. The program pays the cost of their housing and nursing care. The state says to qualify for the C waiver; applicants must meet Nursing Home Level of Care. There is disagreement over what that means and some say the department is denying services to people who have no recourse. To bridge the gap the state plans to introduce two new waiver options. KBBI’s Quinton Chandler has more.

Image Courtesy of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

Many of Alaska’s seniors are in danger of losing their only means of paying for disability services. The state and the Federal Government partner in funding in-home and assisted living services for the seniors who qualify. Caregivers say the problem is individuals who met the state’s criteria for years are now being let go from the system. KBBI’s Quinton Chandler has more.

Marian Friedrich - Photo By Quinton Chandler/KBBI

The Alaska Department of Senior and Disabilities Services is being criticized for finding hundreds of seniors ineligible for a Medicaid waiver program that pays the cost of their housing and nursing care. In a previous story by KBBI, SDS’ director defended the denials. He says the individuals who were denied the C waiver option don’t meet Nursing Home Level of Care. Now we’ll look at an apparent gap between the state’s disability services and the people who need them. KBBI’s Quinton Chandler has more.

Kids in Homer have the opportunity to get creative this summer through two music and arts camps put on by Homer Council on the Arts. KBBI's Shady Grove Oliver has more.

Catherine Blaine Rides Alongside Lindsey Blaine - Photo By Quinton Chandler/KBBI

Horse enthusiasts descended on Homer’s Cottonwood Horse Park on Memorial Day to celebrate the season opening. The park is a treasured sanctuary for peninsula riders of all ages, but especially the southern peninsula’s youth. KBBI’s Quinton Chandler has more.