Recent News Stories

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission will take up the controversial topic of the new proposed safety building at their next meeting Thursday night. The focus won’t be the controversy, but keeping the HERC building functional. The Homer City Council has named the HERC site the preferred location for the proposed public safety building. It’s divided much of the community into two camps. One side wants to see the HERC building stay as a dedicated community recreation site. The other thinks the public safety building needs to be the priority.

A heavy lift ship dropped anchor in Kachemak Bay earlier this month. The Zhen Hua 15 is making preparations to tow offshore drilling rig Endeavour Spirit of Independence all the way to South Africa. The rig has been parked in storage in Port Graham since last winter. The Endeavour was leased by Buccaneer Energy before the company filed for bankruptcy.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, or BOEM, is in the process of drafting an Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Cook Inlet Oil and Gas Lease Sale 244. It’s a potential special-interest sale of sites which could open up the federally-managed waters of Cook Inlet to oil and gas exploration. BOEM held a series of public scoping meetings on the Kenai Peninsula last week. Community responses ranged from familiarity with industry to serious mistrust.

Dozens of people gathered at Farnsworth Park in Soldotna for a candlelight vigil Thursday night. It’s a joint effort of the Kenai Peninsula School District and community groups to raise awareness about homeless youth and families in the area. Each year, KPBSD's Students in Transition program identifies between 200 and 300 homeless students in the district.

The federally-managed waters of Cook Inlet could open up for oil and gas exploration in the next few years. Industry interest has spurred the review of sites along the Inlet by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. In October, BOEM released its intent to draft an environmental impact statement in support of a potential sale. Scoping meetings are planned for this month around south central Alaska.

The Coast guardsmen stationed aboard the Cutter Hickory led tour groups through the bowels of their vessel this Veterans Day to show the people of Homer a glimpse of life in the Coast Guard. The tour may become a Veterans Day tradition.

The Homer Fish and Game Advisory Committee is meeting Tuesday, November 11th, to discuss issues pertinent to the Kenai Peninsula and surrounding area. The committee will look into proposals for Prince William Sound, the possibility of the Board of Game shifting to a three-year cycle from its current two-year cycle, and the experimental Pollock fishery proposed for Kachemak Bay this winter. The meeting is scheduled for this evening at 6 p.m. at the NERRS building on Kachemak Drive.

There has been no effect on Kachemak Bay by radiation emitted in the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan. That’s according to test results released Monday, November 10th, by Cook Inletkeeper. Inletkeeper collected water samples just north of Yukon Island in Kachemak Bay. It then raised funds to send those samples to the Woods Hole Center for Marine and Environmental Radiation for assessment.