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Last week, the City of Homer rolled out the first of three planned open house meetings meant to showcase plans for a new public safety building. The first open house on Thursday addressed the need for the project and provided a space for residents to voice their doubts.

Homer Chamber of Commerce executive director Jim Lavrakas is stepping down from that position in mid-October.


In business, the general rule is cut costs and raise revenue wherever possible. A company in Homer partially ignores this tenet to provide compostable and recyclable products to environmentally conscious businesses.


A very special Steller sea lion pup got a name last week at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward. He’s the result of a special breeding and research program looking into the decline of the endangered marine mammals in the state.


The official search has been suspended for a missing kayaker on the Kenai Peninsula, pending new information.


A large storm front is bringing heavy rainfall and high winds to portions of southcentral Alaska and the northern gulf coast this evening through the weekend.


Jim Lavrakas will be stepping down as Executive Director of the Homer Chamber of Commerce next month to pursue photography and guiding.


An extra-tropical storm system continues to make its way up the southwestern coast of Alaska. It’s bringing with it rain and high winds in certain areas.