Writers' Contest Winners Showcase Their Work On Stage


     The winners for this year’s Kenai Peninsula Writers’ Contest had a chance to read their pieces to a packed house Friday night. Thirteen authors stepped on stage at the Homer Council on the Arts gallery to read their prize-winning pieces.

     Contest Coordinator Mary Langham received 247 entries this year.  Writers could submit works that were poetry, fiction or non-fiction. And there were five age categories: Kindergarten through 3rd grade, 4th through 6th, 7th through 9th, 10th through 12th and then the adult/open category. Michael Armstrong of the Homer News served as emcee for the evening. 

     Clara Stading took first place for fiction in the Kindergarten through 3rd grade category. Her story is titled “My Near Death Experience: The Hawaiian Disaster.” She was appropriately dressed for the occasion with Hawaiian garb. Stading’s narrator starts out in a deserted part of a Hawaiian island. It’s a place people go to visit, but never come back. The narrator is out on a rock-climbing trip when she realizes she’s actually climbing a volcano.

     The narrator jumps into the ocean to avoid the lava, but has a close encounter with a tiger shark. Luckily, she swam fast enough to get into the boat, distracted the shark with other fish to eat and narrowly escaped.

     Charlie Long’s story titled “Spider Cow” was read by his father. He won best fiction in the 4th through 6th grade category. The villain in the story was Ninja Turkey. Spider Cow and Ninja Turkey had an epic battle, but the turkey eventually escaped without a trace.

     In the 7th through 9th grade category, Briea Gregory took first place for her poem “The Schooling Journey of Me.” Kiowa Richardson’s poem “Sacrifice” took top prize in the 10th through 12th grade category.

    Rounding out the evening’s winners was Hannah Heimbuch with her first-place-non-fiction piece called “Feed Me” in the adult/open category. The story follows her time on a fishing boat with her father and brother.

     Full text for each of the poems and stories is available at the Homer Council on the Arts website.