Paul Banks Principal Benny Abraham to Retire


     After eleven years on the job, Paul Banks Elementary School Principal Benny Abraham will be retiring at the end of this school year. 

     Every morning, over 250 students attend school at Paul Banks Elementary in Homer, and every morning, Principal Benny Abraham is right outside to greet them and help direct traffic. Despite whatever the weather might be any given morning, Abraham says that he doesn’t mind and is happy to do his part to make sure the students get to school safely.

"We enjoy that," he says. "It's a good time of day. It's nice to be able to stand out there and greet students and parents. It's a nice way to start the day."

Abraham has spent nearly five decades working in various education positions. He says that both he and his wife always wanted to visit Alaska, and he was therefore quite excited when the position at Paul Banks came open.

"We had always heard a lot of good things about how pretty it is and, of course ... a lot of nice people," said Abraham.

At the end of this school year, Abraham will be retiring once more from his career in education and will return to the lower 48, although he admits he still wants to come back to Alaska.

"Our daughter lives in Arkansas and we have two grandchildren ... one little boy was born right before Christmas and so we're looking forward to spending some time with family," he said.

After 11 years of administrative duties along with braving the elements to help his students safely attend school, Abraham says he is very grateful for the opportunity he was given and also has something to say to whomever succeeds him.

"Whomever replaces me will be lucky," he said.