Parks Commission Evaluates Homer's Parks

Peter Sheppard


     This past Saturday members of the Homer Parks and Recreation Commission visited several parks in the Homer area to determine what needs fixing or expanding. 
     In the spring and fall of each year, the Parks and Recreation commission of Homer takes a walkthrough of several parks around the community to see what can be done to improve them. According to commission member Robert Archibald, this includes surveying the parks, determining how the parks can accomodate more people and then obtaining funds to make the necessary improvements.
     "We're gonna see ... what's lacking, what's missing and what the parks commission can do to make improvements in this town," said Archibald.
     Their fall tour took place this past Saturday and visited Jack Gist Park, Mud Bay at the base of the Homer Spit and several locations on the Spit.
     According to Parks and Rec staffer Julie Engebretsen, at Jack Gist Park the two main issues addressed were improving both parking and drainage around the area.
     After leaving Jack Gist Park and heading towards the Spit, Engebretsen also briefly mentioned that improvements could be made for the Mud Bay trail, but declined any further comment on the matter.
     Upon reaching the Spit, the first point of interest was Mariner Park which Engebretsen mentioned would be recieving a new driveway that will allow greater visibility.
     "There's a new driveway that will be a lot easier for RV's coming out of the park," she said. "And there's better access for pedestrians coming off of the Spit trail."
     The tour concluded at the area on the Spit encompassing Pier One Theatre and the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon, which is where the Spit’s bike trail currently ends, something Engebretsen mentioned will hopefully be extended at some point next year.
     The Homer Parks and Recreation Commission will officially put forward their suggestions and concerns at their regular meeting this Thursday. For more information, visit their page at