Kids, Grown-Ups Find Fun With Dodge Ball League

     As if pickle ball wasn’t weird enough, there’s a new sport taking the world of Homer Community Recreation by storm – dodge ball for grown-ups. A new dodge ball league in Homer has been meeting every Thursday night for the last few weeks at the HERC building gym. 

     Amber Huestis is the queen of Homer dodge ball. She started the league and is its unofficial referee. So how did Huestis get the idea to start a dodge ball league for adults?

     "You get to act like a big kid and just throw balls at each other," she said. "How often do you get to do that?"

      Dodge ball technology has changed considerably since I was in the fourth grade. Instead of the huge, hard rubber balls that could leave painful welts on their victims’ foreheads, players these days use something called a Rhino Ball. They’re a lot smaller – and supposedly safer – than rubber balls but if you’ve got a good arm, you can still get pretty good velocity out of one.

     The rules haven’t changed much, though. Two teams move around on other side of the gym, trying to hit each other with balls. If you get hit, you’re out. If you catch a ball thrown at you, the other person is out. The last man – or woman – standing wins the game for their team.

     Playing dodge ball for an hour gives you a pretty good workout. I guess that’ll happen when you’re trying to chase thirteen-year-old kids around a gym. Amber Huestis looked like she was having a pretty good, time, too.

     The Homer dodge ball league is free and open to the public. The group meets every Thursday at 6 p.m. at the HERC gym and they are definitely looking for new players.