Jewel, Atz Kilcher Join Together On Grand Ole' Opry Stage

Aaron Selbig

     A pair of Homer musicians you may have heard of shared a moment in the spotlight Friday night, on one of country music’s biggest stages. For a little while, it was the town of Homer that basked in the spotlight, during a show at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

     Country and pop star Jewel shared with the Grand Ole Opry crowd the tale of her grandmother, Rose, and her grandfather, Yule Kilcher, and how they met in Homer and began the homesteading tradition that today – a couple of generations later – is featured in the hit Discovery Channel series “Alaska: The Last Frontier.”

     A packed house at the famous Ryman Auditorium gave Jewel a warm reception for her song, “I Am My Father’s Daughter.”

     A few minutes later, Jewel’s dad, Atz Kilcher, took the stage with his daughter for a duet of one of his own songs, called “Take Time to Find Your Song.”

     "It's just a great song about living life on the homestead and still taking time for music, "said Atz Kilcher. "And for each one of us kids to find our song."

     Atz Kilcher joined us over the phone from Nashville, where he is taking time to record a new album. He says the album should be finished in a month or so and will feature “Take Time to Find Your Song” as its title track.

      In the meantime, he relished the opportunity to share the Grand Ole Opry stage with his daughter. He says that even though Jewel moved away from Homer long ago and he doesn’t see her quite as often, when they play music together, it’s like no time has passed at all.

     "You have to remember that I was singing with her from the time she could walk," he said. "She always had a gift for harmony and it doesn't take her long to find a harmony."

     You can see Atz Kilcher perform with his daughter at the Grand Ole Opry for yourself. A very helpful member of the audience posted a video on YouTube.