Homer Gardener Shares Knowledge Through New Book

     Gardener Brenda Adams has designed more than 150 custom gardens since she moved to Alaska. She recently compiled her collective experiences in a book entitled “There’s a Moose in My Garden” which is set to be published in the second week of August.

     Brenda Adams has had a love for gardening since she was two. She has been designing custom gardens in Alaska for eighteen years and outside the state for longer than that. Adams says the practice of keeping a garden is a very centering experience.

     "It's an opportunity to be creative," she says. "For me, when I'm actually in the garden, it completely absorbs me. So if anything is bothering me, it's just gone."

     Adams says she’s never found a book that specifically teaches people how to keep a garden in Alaska’s unique conditions. She says this was ultimately what drove her to write “There’s a Moose in My Garden.”

     "There really wasn't anything that took into account ... the challenges and opportunities that Alaska gardeners have," she said. "So, I started figuring things out on my own ... and I learned that a lot of people are struggling with things that I had to learn on my own."

     Adams says the book is not written as an instruction manual to craft a garden. It instead has a more conversational tone which she says is intended to engage the reader. She says her main priority in writing the book is to pass along the knowledge she’s acquired during her years in Alaska to anyone else who wishes to follow in her footsteps. She says this is something residents of the state tend to do and she wrote her book with the intention of keeping that tradition alive.

     While “There’s A Moose in My Garden” has not yet been officially published, Adams is holding a book-signing August 3rd at the Homer Bookstore. In Homer, I’m Peter Sheppard.