HHS Parents Sound Off About Inappropriate Dancing

Peter Sheppard


     Homer High School held its monthly site council meeting this past Tuesday. The meeting was attended by several members of the Homer community, many of whom shared their opinions regarding the allegations of inappropriate behavior at the recent Homecoming Dance, among other incidents. 

     The meeting was attended by roughly 40 community members who spoke candidly about the allegations of student-related inappropriate behavior both on and off campus. One topic of particular interest among attendees was the recent Homecoming Dance, where various chaperons reported blatant disregard for the rules on behalf of a number of students.

     Don Pitcher, a chaperone at the dance, said in a written statement sent to KBBI that in addition to students either disregarding the dress code or being visably drunk or impared in some way, there were numerous observances of inappropriate behavior, including "continuous bumping, humping and grinding by 20 or more kids for virtually the entire night in the center of the dance floor.”

     Pitcher also stated that despite members of the school faculty issuing warnings by marking the wristbands of those in violation of the School Dance Guidelines, some students received up to five warnings without being expelled from the dance.

     Jeff Middleton, who spoke at the Site Council meeting, spoke of the function of school dances and their obligation to protect students, something he felt was being neglected.

     "It seems like pretty much every one of these rules was not enforced at that dance," said Middleton.

     Among the statements made with regard to the allegations of inappropriate behavior, many of the community members who provided statements also offered their assistance in resolving the issues facing the administration, including Hope Finkelstein.

     "I sit here ... ready to help you guys, help this communtiy, really contibute to looking at how the school can be a central community asset," said Finkelstein.

     Following statements made by the community, Homer High School Principal Allen Gee then offered his response to the concerns raised, including his intentions for future dances put on by the High School.

     "We're changing this," said Gee.