Enstar Continues Purging of New Gas Lines

     Enstar Natural Gas Company is starting the purging process for sections of the Homer distribution system. Residents will see notifications on their doors to confirm the purging is complete and gas is available at the meter. The trunk line into town was purged last month.

     According to Enstar, crews have already purged, or energized, lines in the distribution system in the Soundview neighborhood. Residents may have noticed the smell of rotten eggs in the air during the process. That’s a normal part of pushing natural gas into the lines while pushing out any oxygen. The next area that can expect that scent is Bartlett Street north of Pioneer Avenue. Lines along Bartlett and Fairview north and east to East Hill Road will have gas. That work is supposed to begin before the end of this week. 

     The area south of Fairview Avenue to the north side of Pioneer Avenue and Main Street to Heath Street will have gas in the distribution lines likely starting next week. Crews are expected to purge the lines along the Sterling Highway from West Hill Road to Lake Street, the Old Town neighborhood and the areas around the Bidarka Inn starting next Wednesday. 

     The purging process usually takes two or three days to complete. Crews are still installing the main trunk line along East End Road and into Kachemak City. Enstar officials have said that work is expected to be completed this fall. The Kachemak City distribution system is expected to be finished by the end of the fall as well. The Homer distribution system is still being installed and workers will be in the area until the weather gets in the way. 

     Enstar is still accepting applications for service lines and meters. According to officials, it could cost a potential customer just shy of two-thousand dollars to hook up their home to the distribution system. That is the rate for this phase of construction… the rate may change next year. So far the company plans to install roughly 1,000 meters at homes and businesses.