Despite Nasty Weather, 'Burning Basket' Goes Up in Flames

Hannah Heimbuch
Photo courtesy of Mavis Muller
     Amid a week marked by wind and rain, Homer’s ninth annual Burning Basket flared up at Mariner Park Monday night. The celebration of art, inspiration and transition drew hundreds of Homerites.  
     Each year’s burning basket has a separte, one-word theme, a common thread with which to weave together a vessel, one to hold the burning thoughts of a community in transition. This year’s word, "Inspire," asked people to fill the giant basket and cover its walls with words, concepts, memories and causes that inspire them.  
     Artist Mavis Muller has led 24 basket burnings, nine in Homer. These imperminent art sculputres bring a community together on many levels, she said, the conceptualization, the building and eventually the consumption by fire. 
     Fall is a time for Homer’s residents  to say goodbye to a passing season, said Muller, and welcome another. As they experience this process through the basket, they can say goodbye to other pieces of life as well, small secrets on pieces of paper added to the fire. In their place, they may welcome new endeavors, new memories. This is heard in the quiet reverance during the lighting, and the burst of joy that follows the jump of flame.