Council Approves Trailhead Location for Proposed Water Trail


     The concept of a Kachemak Bay Water Trail is one step closer to reality. At its meeting Monday, the Homer City Council approved the creation of a trailhead on the Homer Spit that would serve as a start and finish line for the 125-mile trail. 

     Since 2011, members of the Kachemak Bay Water Trail Association have been pushing for a marked water trail around various points along the bay. Thanks to a resolution passed by the Homer City Council, that trail now has a starting point where kayakers and folks with small boats can launch.

     The new trailhead will be located on the Homer Spit, between Freight Dock Road and the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon.

     During a committee meeting Monday afternoon, council member Bryan Zak wondered if that location would be the best fit for the trailhead, considering its close proximity to the fishing lagoon, Pier One Theatre and an already-existing RV camping area.

     Mayor Beth Wythe is the one who brought the resolution forward at the request of the Water Trail Association. She said the association had found a number of other spots on the Spit that would suit its purpose but that this one was the top choice.

     Other council members, including Francie Roberts and Beau Burgess, said they thought the proposed location was the best of the options presented.

     Dave Brann has been spearheading the water trail project since the beginning. He said the trailhead was more of a psychological marker for the starting point of the 125-mile long trail.

     "You need a ... beginning place," he said. "We'd have a map and water safety information (and) a general description of the trail itself."

     Brann says the small structure planned for the trailhead would be installed in such a way that it could be moved, if necessary.

     The water trail is one of four Alaska projects to receive technical help form the National Parks Service. The Water Trail Association hopes to open the trail next summer.