Concert on the Lawn - Vendor application

CONCERT ON THE LAWN will be held on Saturday and Sunday, July 12 &13 at Karen Hornaday Park. The music will tentatively start at 1pm each day and end at 10pm on Saturday and 9PM on Sunday. Gates will open at noon and remain open one hour after the music ends.

This is Homer's primier outdoor summer music event and a fundraiser for public radio KBBI AM 890. Your work will be exposed to as many as 1,000 fun and fun-loving guests each day. All times are subject to change. Please refer to for possible updates. 

The following rules and responsibilities are to ensure a smooth operation and a great day for vendors, musicians and guests. We ask everyone to respect circumstances and seek volunteer staff guidance or help – whenever needed. 


Set up your booth and supply your own self-contained tent or covering. Weather conditions can change. Erect and anchor tents securely to prevent injury or damage.

Set up is Saturday and Sunday from 8am until 11am. Unless approved by KBBI staff, all vendor vehicles must be away from the concert site prior to gates being open. Please be considerate of those around you. Drive at walking speed.

Weather or ground conditions may prevent vehicles from driving to or from booths during setup or breakdown. Please follow staff guidance, if circumstances warrant, in order to prevent damage to the park. Once the gate opens your booth should be staffed at all times. Remove your booth and clean your area immediately following the concert.

Bring a fire extinguisher. The fire department requires at least one (1) 5 lb. multipurpose fire extinguisher (ABC type) in each craft booth. Food vendors must have one 10 lb. ABC portable fire extinguisher. 

Food vendors must present a copy of a valid Dept. of Environmental Conservation Temp. Food Service Permit to KBBI by June 15th. Contact Jerry Farrington at 907-262-5210 x242.  

All power generators must be pre-approved.  Access to electricity may be available but must be arranged in advance. Contact Rose at 235-7721 x224 if you have power issues. Potable water can be found nearby at the Karen Hornaday Park camp playground. 

KBBI requests that toys which are sold or awarded as prizes be safe for young children. Toy weapons or firecrackers/poppers, etc. are not permitted.  

The booth fee is payable by credit card, check or cash in advance with your application (unless prearranged). If you are not selected for a space at the concert, your payment will be returned to you. No refunds will be given for no-shows/ cancellations once your booth is selected for the event. Please note guidelines for admission of additional helpers.


Booth locations will be determined by KBBI. It is possible you might not be able to see the concert stage from your booth location. KBBI reserves the right to reject vendors. Exclusivity is not guaranteed. KBBI is not responsible for theft or damage to vendor's goods, tables, tents or booth at any time. Anchor tents securely. The vendor will be responsible for any damage/injury that may result from its operation. KBBI reserves the right to suspend or reject booth operations for any reason.Please, do not solicit outside your booth area.

Two admission tickets will be allotted per booth per day for craft booths. Food vendors will be allowed four admission tickets per day. Please include $20 per day for each additional helper.  Supervised minors are free. Pets are not allowed. This rule has been abused in the past. We regret we must be firm on this matter.


Craft / Info Booth Fees

Food Booth Fees

















Please return vendor application with payment to KBBI AM 890, 3913 Kachemak Way, Homer, AK 99603. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS JUNE 15th. KBBI is not required to accept a vendor application. Space may become limited prior to the deadline date. Early registration is suggested. For more information, contact 235-7721, ext 224 or e-mail at

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Describe what you would sell as thoroughly as possible. Samples or pictures may accompany this application.
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Payment is due two weeks before the concert. You can mail or deliver your payment to KBBI. COTL Booths, 3913 Kachemak Way, Homer, AK 99603
I've read the vendor responsibility above and understand the requirements for participation at the Concert on the Lawn.