Concert On the Lawn Celebrates 34 Years

     Concert on the Lawn is gearing up to celebrate its 34th year this weekend. For one weekend every summer, the concert hosts local music and gives the Homer and greater Kenai Peninsula community a chance to all come together. 

     Rose Grech is the Development Director for KBBI. She says the lineup this year will feature many returning bands and some newcomers as wellGrech also says this year there will be more of an emphasis placed on activities for kids.

     "We have the traditional bubble machine ... and hula hoops," she said. "Also, the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies is going to be coming in and they;re going to help kids make butterflies and streamers from reusable products."

     Also returning to the concert are the numerous food and craft vendors that populate the area to sell their wares.

     Dave Anderson is the General Manager at KBBI. He says this year’s concert will see several changes. 

     "The biggest change that we have in store is not broadcasting the concert live on the radio on Sunday," he said. "That has been discussed for many years, whether that is a worthwhile effort to include into everything else that needs to happen. We decided this year to pull the plug on that live broadcast."

     Anderson says the biggest reason for this change is to encourage more people to attend the concert and support the station by doing so. He says this is because some of KBBI’s funding sources, including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, have seen cuts in recent years.

     The station does plan to broadcast sections of the concert over the weekend, as a way to share the fun with the community and to entice people to come up to Karen Hornaday Park.

     Concert on the Lawn will take place this Saturday and Sunday, starting at noon both days. No pets are allowed. Tickets are $22 for adults; $11 for children under 16 or free if they are with a parent or guardian. Accomodations will be made for elderly and the disabled at the gate.