Bagel Shop Hopes to Fill a Niche in Homer Cuisine


     After nine months of preparation and planning, The Bagel Shop has opened its doors and is now serving Homer its namesake food.

     While there are numerous cafes and bakeries in Homer, there aren’t many that specialize in the art of the bagel. Until recently that is, with the newly opened Bagel Shop now filling that niche. Co-owners Mikela Aramburu and Gabe Chapin decided to try their hand at the bagel business this past summer via the Homer Farmer’s Market, which they admitted had a learning curve to it.

     For the past nine months Aramburu and Chapin have been prepping the Bagel Shop for the Homer community. Aramburu says that her and Chapin’s vision for the shop started off much simpler than what they ended up creating.

     "The bagel-making process was originally boiling them five at a time on Gabe's stove," she said. "We quickly realized we needed a lot of expensive equipment to pull off a bagel shop."

     While opening the shop was a bit more of a challenge than they had intended, Chapin says that he and Aramburu were also helped out by several people who provided them with necessary equipment at a reduced price.

     Although it’s only been open for less than week, Aramburu and Chapin both say that they are very pleased with the response they’ve gotten and are very happy to finally be providing Homer with a steady supply of fresh bagels.

     "It's been very touching to see how happy people are to see something new that's been wanted in this town for along time," said Aramburu.

     The Bagel Shop is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturdays and it is located at the corner of East End Road and Kachemak Drive.