Animal Shelter Asks for Community Support


     For more than 30 years, the Homer Animal Shelter has provided a safe and caring environment for stray cats and dogs. 

     Caring for a pet is no easy task, but caring for numerous pets and taking in new ones every day is something else. That’s the task of the Homer Animal Shelter, which takes in new strays every single day.

     Sherry Bess is the director of the shelter. She says that not much has changed in the time they’ve been helping Homer’s homeless pets.

     "We've been helping the community with their animal problems ... that's what we do here every day," said Bess. "We never know what's going to walk in the door. It's different every single day."

     While the shelter has been a part of Homer for the past three decades, it also requires support from the community to continue its operations.

     Brian Smith is a local filmmaker and volunteer at the shelter. He says they do their best to get pets adopted.

     "We try to keep the math balanced ... but it never does," he said. "We try to educate people, as well as make adoptions and get good loving, responsible owners."

     On March 28th, the Homer Animal Shelter will have a fundraiser at the Homer Theatre to help support their efforts. Bess says this fundraiser is necessary for the shelter, as their mission is to keep as many of their animals healthy to provide them with homes.