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Man forced into 'modern day slavery'

Wed, 2014-10-08 11:46
A horse farmer who forced a vulnerable man to carry out unpaid forced labour for 13 years pleads guilty midway through his trial.

Military jet crashes in Lincolnshire

Wed, 2014-10-08 11:33
US military pilot ejects to safety as plane crashes in a field near houses and a school in Lincolnshire.

UK's Lord Hill approved for EU job

Wed, 2014-10-08 11:26
The UK's Lord Hill has been confirmed as the EU commissioner for financial services after facing questions from MEPs for a second time.

Doing business the Chinese way

Wed, 2014-10-08 11:18
The secret to doing business in China

VIDEO: The mystery of China's 'guanxi'

Wed, 2014-10-08 10:52
Relationships, or "guanxi", are a crucial part of doing business in China, but it is often misunderstood. Are Westerners right to think of it as something potentially corrupt?

Look at enclosed cockpits - Williams

Wed, 2014-10-08 10:49
Williams deputy team principal Claire Williams believes F1 should consider enclosed cockpits to improve driver safety.

Ebola nurse 'may have touched face'

Wed, 2014-10-08 10:34
The Spanish nurse infected with Ebola touched her face with her gloves after treating a priest who died from the disease, a doctor says.

VIDEO: Footage of London terror raid

Wed, 2014-10-08 10:18
It is understood that one of four men arrested in anti-terror raids in London on Tuesday is a man called Tarik Hassane, from Ladbroke Grove in west London.

VIDEO: Ebola outbreak: Your questions

Wed, 2014-10-08 09:58
With concerns about Ebola rising, the BBC's health correspondent, Branwen Jeffreys, answers your questions.

'Volatile' tornado rips roof off home

Wed, 2014-10-08 09:57
A tornado causes damage to homes and vehicles in a Derbyshire town.

£146m axed from council budgets

Wed, 2014-10-08 09:48
Councils in Wales are told they will get £146m less in 2015-16 from the Welsh government - an overall cut of 3.4%.

Painted caves challenge art origins

Wed, 2014-10-08 09:05
The discovery of 40,000-year-old artworks in Indonesian caves challenges established views on the origins of humans' artistic capabilities.

Injured Ozil out for up to 12 weeks

Wed, 2014-10-08 08:48
Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is "likely to be out for 10 to 12 weeks" with a knee injury, his national team Germany announce.

VIDEO: EU: Enlargement Package

Wed, 2014-10-08 08:46
Enlargement commissioner Štefan Füle says a number of EU candidate countries require further progress.

Europe backs Hinkley nuclear plant

Wed, 2014-10-08 08:34
A new £24.5bn nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset is to go ahead after it received final approval from European Union regulators.

Bercow aide out after Lib Dem speech

Wed, 2014-10-08 08:29
A spokeswoman for Commons Speaker John Bercow resigns after an outspoken speech at the Liberal Democrat conference.

Osborne 'hears Robinson budget plan'

Wed, 2014-10-08 08:08
First Minister Peter Robinson has been in contact with Chancellor George Osborne to discuss proposals to ease Stormont's immediate financial challenges, the BBC understands.

Ebola 'hysteria' halts school visit

Wed, 2014-10-08 08:00
A headteacher blames "misguided hysteria" over Ebola for the cancellation of a school visit by a child from Sierra Leone.

F1 has never stopped striving for safety since Senna death

Wed, 2014-10-08 07:43
Despite Jules Bianchi’s accident, the 1994 death of Ayrton Senna was already a wake-up call which those in charge of the sport have never forgotten.

Call for change in NI abortion law

Wed, 2014-10-08 07:43
Abortions should be allowed in Northern Ireland where the foetus has a lethal abnormality, the Stormont Department of Justice has recommended.