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Updated: 48 min 31 sec ago

Honeymoon 'wife' eBay bids top £1,800

Wed, 2015-01-07 10:55
An online auction to join a man on his honeymoon after he split with his fiancée has reached £1,800.

Manhunt for French magazine gunmen

Wed, 2015-01-07 10:43
Police in Paris mount a huge search for three gunmen who shot dead 12 people at the office of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Ofsted 'positive discrimination' call

Wed, 2015-01-07 10:35
If head teachers are faced with two equal candidates for a teaching post, they should consider using "positive discrimination", says the Ofsted chief.

Fed rate rise before April unlikely

Wed, 2015-01-07 10:34
US Federal Reserve officials do not believe that they will raise the benchmark short-term interest rate before April, minutes released on Wednesday reveal.

'Outrage' at NHS cancer drugs move

Wed, 2015-01-07 10:32
Two drug companies have attacked a decision to remove their treatments from a special fund designed to give access to new therapies in England.

Sony Pictures hackers 'got sloppy'

Wed, 2015-01-07 09:42
The US is confident that North Korea was behind the Sony Pictures cyber-attack because the hackers were "sloppy" enough to leave a trail, says the FBI.

Somali militants kill 'CIA spies'

Wed, 2015-01-07 09:38
Somalia's militant Islamist group al-Shabab has killed by firing squad four men accused of spying for the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Spurs in 'selfie stick' stadium ban

Wed, 2015-01-07 09:32
"Selfie sticks" are banned from Tottenham's White Hart Lane ground after a fan complained to the club.

VIDEO: Candlelit vigil for Paris victims

Wed, 2015-01-07 09:25
A vigil has been held in Paris in memory of the 12 people who lost their lives in a gun attack at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Top policeman summoned over report

Wed, 2015-01-07 09:24
Chief Constable George Hamilton has been summoned to court to explain why a report has been withheld from an inquest into the 1997 murder of a GAA official.

'Game-changing' antibiotic find

Wed, 2015-01-07 09:01
The decades-long drought in the search for new antibiotics to tackle drug-resistant infections could be over, after a breakthrough by US scientists.

Gates drinks water from human faeces

Wed, 2015-01-07 09:00
The Microsoft founder shows off a processor he says could help alleviate the drinking water problem in the developing world.

Fossil fuels: The 'untouchable reserves'

Wed, 2015-01-07 09:00
Can we really give up fossil fuels?

Most fossil fuels are 'unburnable'

Wed, 2015-01-07 09:00
Most of the world's fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground if dangerous global warming is to be avoided, modelling work suggests.

Officer disciplined over death call

Wed, 2015-01-07 08:35
A police officer who told a Gwynedd woman over the phone her husband had died is disciplined.

Europe's struggle with Islamism

Wed, 2015-01-07 08:29
Europe has struggled with how to tackle radical Islam, and the Charlie Hebdo attacks can only make it more difficult, writes Caroline Wyatt.

MP calls for email disclaimer ban

Wed, 2015-01-07 08:29
An MP calls for an end to "useless" legal disclaimers at the bottom of emails, saying they lead to "forests' worth of paper" being wasted.

MP: Pregnant women 'should not drink'

Wed, 2015-01-07 08:19
Labour MP Bill Esterson says pregnant women should not drink "at all" to avoid any potential damage to their unborn child.

Oil price falls: Will consumers benefit?

Wed, 2015-01-07 08:11
Do drivers and householders feel the benefit of falling oil price?

'Superman' ecstasy tests find PMMA

Wed, 2015-01-07 08:03
Tests on 'Superman' logo ecstasy tablets found in Ipswich find PMMA, a substance "much stronger" than that found in standard ecstasy pills.