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Figo wants 48-team World Cup

Thu, 2015-02-19 04:46
FIifa presidential candidate Luis Figo proposes a bigger World Cup, sin-bins and offside law changes in manifesto launch.

Huge welcome for Burundi journalist

Thu, 2015-02-19 04:32
Thousands of people celebrate in Burundi's capital after a prominent journalist controversially charged with murder is freed.

Street named after NI physicist

Thu, 2015-02-19 04:15
Belfast City Council has named a street after a NI physicist who demonstrated that Einstein's views on quantum mechanics were incorrect.

Fugitive 'robbed shop at knifepoint'

Thu, 2015-02-19 04:14
Police say a prisoner who escaped from custody in the Republic of Ireland on Tuesday robbed a Belfast shop at knifepoint, shortly before he was arrested.

Two security alerts in Londonderry

Thu, 2015-02-19 04:13
There are security alerts in the Waterside area of Londonderry after suspicious objects are found in two locations.

UK online university reaches million

Thu, 2015-02-19 04:11
The UK's drive to challenge US dominance in online learning passes the milestone of signing up a million students.

Pitfalls of delayed school entry

Thu, 2015-02-19 04:10
A delay in starting school for summer-born or premature children may be linked with poor academic performance later on, a study suggests.

Ukraine firing spreads despite truce

Thu, 2015-02-19 04:09
Shelling is reported in several parts of eastern Ukraine as leaders hold talks on how to enforce the ceasefire officially in place since Sunday.

Housing starts in England up 10%

Thu, 2015-02-19 04:07
The number of new houses that were built in England last year rose significantly, government figures show.

Day in pictures: 19 February 2015

Thu, 2015-02-19 03:56
Images from around the world: 19 February

Egyptian bronze cat sold for £52,000

Thu, 2015-02-19 03:31
A bronze cat that was nearly thrown in a skip sells at auction for £52,000.

Lenovo in row over hidden spyware

Thu, 2015-02-19 03:30
Hidden adware pre-installed on Lenovo laptops and PCs popped up adverts without permission and could have compromised user data.

Tories top latest donation figures

Thu, 2015-02-19 03:28
The Conservatives received the most in donations in the final three months of 2014, according to figures published by the Electoral Commission.

Rabbi tried in 'divorce kidnap' case

Thu, 2015-02-19 03:18
A New York rabbi goes on trial accused of plotting to abduct and beat Jewish men who refuse to grant their wives a divorce.

Labour warning to rebel councillors

Thu, 2015-02-19 03:17
Cardiff Labour councillors thinking of rebelling against cuts are warned they could damage the party's general election prospects.

Baby death probe CCTV photo issued

Thu, 2015-02-19 03:10
A photo is issued of a woman police want to speak to in connection with an inquiry into the death of a baby boy in London.

'Revenge porn' mogul pleads guilty

Thu, 2015-02-19 02:56
Hunter Moore, who ran, admits hacking and identity theft and faces between two and seven year in prison.

Payment probe prison officers bailed

Thu, 2015-02-19 02:47
Two ex-prison officers who were arrested over alleged corrupt payments have been bailed until June, the Metropolitan Police says.

Colombia rules on same-sex adoption

Thu, 2015-02-19 02:38
A court in Colombia rules that same-sex couples can adopt children, but only if the child is the offspring of one of the partners.

French inflation turns negative

Thu, 2015-02-19 02:33
Inflation in France, the eurozone's second-biggest economy, turned negative in January, adding to worries over deflation in the eurozone.