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Indian media facing a backlash in Nepal

Mon, 2015-05-04 03:20
Many in Nepal feel Indian media's coverage of the earthquake has been insensitive and jingoistic, writes Soutik Biswas.

VIDEO: 'It's about the experience you offer'

Mon, 2015-05-04 03:17
The Chief Executive of the hotels group Six Senses, Neil Jacobs, tells the BBC how his company has adapted to the economic downturn.

Scuffles as Jim Murphy campaigns

Mon, 2015-05-04 03:12
There have been scuffles on the streets of Glasgow involving Labour party supporters and their opponents as election campaigning continues.

Greece's undeclared domestic default

Mon, 2015-05-04 03:09
Greece has paid wages and pensions and is in talks with the eurozone for more bailout money, but for many Greeks the government is already out of cash.

Has Miliband said a proper sorry?

Mon, 2015-05-04 03:07
Has Ed Miliband's denial that Labour overspent been underwritten by the Treasury's top civil servant saying that the "2008 crisis was a banking crisis pure and simple"?

Why Chelsea won the league - Shearer

Mon, 2015-05-04 03:00
MOTD2 pundit Alan Shearer looks at the reasons why Jose Mourinho's Chelsea side won the title race by such a large margin.

Facebook opens amid row

Mon, 2015-05-04 02:48
Facebook is to allow more organisations to join its free mobile data scheme, but net neutrality campaigners remain opposed.

Suicide blast rocks central Damascus

Mon, 2015-05-04 02:42
A suicide bomber blows himself up in the centre of the Syrian capital, Damascus, in an attack apparently aimed at the army's logistics division.

Migrants 'blamed for policy failure'

Mon, 2015-05-04 02:40
Green Party leader Natalie Bennett claims migrants are being blamed "for failures" in government policy to stave off 'the perceived threat from UKIP'.

Narendra Modi joins China's Weibo

Mon, 2015-05-04 02:35
India's PM Narendra Modi joins China's main microblogging service Weibo, gaining thousands of followers by the hour and plenty of comments.

Name of man killed in crash released

Mon, 2015-05-04 02:35
The name of a 59-year-old man killed in a car crash in County Antrim is released.

Somalia bans al-Shabab name in media

Mon, 2015-05-04 02:22
Somalia bans journalists from using the name al-Shabab - instead they have to refer to it as Ugus "the Group that Massacres the Somali People".

VIDEO: 'No support' for Nepal quake survivors

Mon, 2015-05-04 02:16
The BBC's Neha Sharma met a couple who explained how they were coping after the deadly Nepal earthquake

Price rise slows eurozone factories

Mon, 2015-05-04 02:02
Eurozone factory activity has slowed after manufacturers raise prices for the first time in eight months, figures show.

Man stabbed in 'rival families' brawl

Mon, 2015-05-04 01:44
A man is stabbed in a fight between two rival families at a pub in Manchester, police say.

VIDEO: Adding drama to election night

Mon, 2015-05-04 01:44
Playwright James Graham talks about The Vote, a real-time play for theatre and TV that takes place in the last 90 minutes before polls close on election night.

UKIP criticised in immigration clash

Mon, 2015-05-04 01:30
Politicians from Wales' biggest parties clash over immigration and accuse UKIP of scaremongering.

Irish waterfall video is global hit

Mon, 2015-05-04 01:23
A video of a little known waterfall in the Republic of Ireland makes an unlikely soundtrack for insomnia sufferers

Miliband defends his pledge stone

Mon, 2015-05-04 01:14
Ed Miliband defends his decision to carve Labour promises in stone - insisting he wants to show the public his pledges will not expire on 8 May.

Ex-England star Greaves suffers stroke

Mon, 2015-05-04 01:14
Former England and Tottenham striker Jimmy Greaves is in intensive care after suffering a severe stroke on Sunday.