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Not A Group House, Not A Commune: Europe Experiments With Co-Housing

Mon, 2015-02-16 00:16

From urban high-density housing to rural communal living, Europeans are using the principle of co-housing — in which neighbors share space and resources, depending on their needs.

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Fitting In On Campus: Challenges For First-Generation Students

Sun, 2015-02-15 23:46

When students are the first in their family to go to college, they often feel out of place. Many say they need more help from their schools.

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Satisfied Patients Now Make Hospitals Richer, But Is That Fair?

Sun, 2015-02-15 23:44

The Affordable Care Act made sure that hospitals scoring well on patient satisfaction surveys are paid more by Medicare. But some say that gives small, boutique hospitals an unfair edge.

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Beyond BPA: Court Battle Reveals A Shift In Debate Over Plastic Safety

Sun, 2015-02-15 23:42

In 2007, a plastic called Tritan became a hit in part because it was free of the chemical BPA. Then a competitor began suggesting Tritan products contained other chemicals that act like estrogen.

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Egypt Strikes ISIS Targets In Libya After Grisly Video Is Released

Sun, 2015-02-15 23:30

Egypt launched airstrikes against so-called Islamic State targets in Libya after the extremist group released a video showing the beheading of Egyptian Coptic Christians it had held hostage for weeks.

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Louis Jourdan, Hollywood's Favorite French Lover, Dies At 93

Sun, 2015-02-15 22:01

Louis Jourdan, the dashingly handsome Frenchman who starred in Gigi, Can-Can and other American movies, has died. Through most of his career as a leading man, he was subject to typecasting.

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FAA Proposal On Drones Highlights Safety Over Privacy Concerns

Sun, 2015-02-15 13:00

The Federal Aviation Administration has unveiled a long-awaited proposal for rules governing the use of small drones. If approved, the rules could expand the use of drones throughout the country.

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U.N. Security Council Passes Resolution Targeting ISIS Revenue

Sun, 2015-02-15 13:00

The U.N. Security Council resolution targets funding streams for the so-called Islamic State. The militant group has been raking in millions of dollars through oil smuggling, antiquities and ransoms.

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Ukraine Cease-Fire Largely Holds, Despite Shelling Reports

Sun, 2015-02-15 13:00

The cease-fire took effect Sunday morning, but there have already been accusations of shelling in the city of Debaltseve. NPR's Arun Rath talks to Karoun Demirjian from The Washington Post on the latest from the conflict zone.

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Fake It Till You Make It, Then Come Clean: A Sportscaster's Big Break

Sun, 2015-02-15 13:00

How do you become a sportscaster when you've never done it before? Adrián García Márquez, now La Voz De Los Lakers, faked a demo tape with the help of a Sega console and FIFA '95.

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Suspect In Foiled Canadian Mall Shooting Left Social Media Trail

Sun, 2015-02-15 11:59

The young man who apparently killed himself as police closed in on him was said to have identified with the 1999 Columbine High School shooters.

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ISIS Video Purports To Show Mass Beheading Of Coptic Christians

Sun, 2015-02-15 11:31

The footage is supposed to show militants from the self-declared Islamic State executing 21 Coptic Christians captured by the extremist group last week.

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Philip Levine, Who Found Poetry On Detroit's Assembly Lines, Dies At 87

Sun, 2015-02-15 11:29

In his six-decade career, Levine found grace and beauty in the lives of working people, especially the people and places of his youth. He was a United States Poet Laureate and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

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With Oil Fields Under Attack, Libya's Economic Future Looks Bleak

Sun, 2015-02-15 08:46

The man who runs Libya's national oil company is struggling to resume production amid conflict and falling prices. A functioning oil industry might define whether Libya is a nation or a failed state.

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Commercial Drone Rules To Limit Their Weight, Speed And Altitude

Sun, 2015-02-15 07:08

The long-awaiting Federal Aviation Administration proposal could be a boon to some companies hoping to use unmanned aircraft, but they might complicate the picture for Amazon.

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Boehner Blames Democrats For Scuffle Over Homeland Security Funding

Sun, 2015-02-15 06:31

The Speaker of the House's remarks, made on Fox News Sunday, come after days of back and forth over the measure, which also includes restrictions on President Obama's immigration initiative.

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Q&A: Exit Interview With A Nationally Known School Leader

Sun, 2015-02-15 05:34

Three and a half years is the average tenure for large-district superintendents. Joshua Starr hit it on the nose.

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Some See Extreme 'Anti-Theism' As Motive In N.C. Killings

Sun, 2015-02-15 05:23

The suspect in the shooting deaths of three Muslim students in North Carolina is a self-described anti-theist, what some some experts see as a new extremism developing among some atheists.

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Another Winter Storm Slams The Northeast

Sun, 2015-02-15 04:49

The system was bringing hurricane-force winds and near-white-out conditions to parts of the region, with northern Massachusetts and the Boston area particularly hard hit.

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Sporadic Shelling Continues As Ukraine Truce Takes Effect

Sun, 2015-02-15 04:24

The fighting continued around the Luhansk region and in the heavily disputed city of Debaltseve.

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