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Gary Dahl, Creator Of The Pet Rock, Dies At 78

Tue, 2015-03-31 22:35

In 1975, Gary Dahl was an advertising executive when he came up with the Pet Rock idea. The stones came in a cardboard box containing a tongue-in-cheek instruction pamphlet for "care and feeding."

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Coroner: Death Of Getty Oil Heir Most Likely Natural Causes, Accident

Tue, 2015-03-31 22:22

Andrew Getty's death appeared to be from natural causes, a Los Angeles County coroner's assistant said Tuesday, but it has been initially called an accident because of medication found at the scene.

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READ: Commutation Letter President Obama Sent To Inmate

Tue, 2015-03-31 15:51

Obama commuted 22 sentences for federal prisoners serving time for drug-related crimes. Obama said that under current laws, those inmates would have already been released.

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Oversight Committee Issues Subpoena To Two Secret Service Agents

Tue, 2015-03-31 14:57

The Secret Service, said Rep. Jason Chaffetz, is refusing to allow his committee to interview two agents involved in the investigation of a potential bomb near the White House.

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Federal Judge Says South Dakota Officials Violated Native American Families' Rights

Tue, 2015-03-31 14:26

Two of the state's largest tribes win class action lawsuit alleging that the state routinely put their children in foster care without due process

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Supreme Court Deals Medicaid Blow To Doctors And Health Companies

Tue, 2015-03-31 13:38

The court ruled Tuesday that private Medicaid providers cannot sue to force states to raise reimbursement rates in the face of rising medical costs.

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Activists Stop Paying Their Student Loans

Tue, 2015-03-31 13:36

Students who say their for-profit college degrees are worthless took their "debt strike" to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today.

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Lufthansa Says It Knew Of Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz's Depression

Tue, 2015-03-31 13:22

Prosecutors say Lubitz deliberately crashed his plane carrying 149 others into the French Alps last week. Lufthansa said he had informed them in 2009 of a "previous depressive episode."

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Despite Criticism, Arkansas Passes Religious Freedom Bill

Tue, 2015-03-31 13:18

The measure is similar to the controversial law passed by Indiana. Gov. Asa Hutchinson had previously said he would sign the bill into law.

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Watchdog Groups File Complaints Against Likely Candidates

Tue, 2015-03-31 12:55

Two liberal groups say some politicians have crossed the legal line that defines a candidacy in campaign finance law, even though they haven't declared anything yet.

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Advice For Trevor Noah From The 'Jon Stewart Of South Africa'

Tue, 2015-03-31 12:53

The Daily Show isn't the only fake news show around. South Africa has Late Nite News, starring comedian Loyiso Gola. We asked him how he feels about Noah's new job — and what advice he has to offer.

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Supporters Work To Reclaim Legacy Of Penn State Coach Joe Paterno

Tue, 2015-03-31 12:46

A campaign is underway to repair former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno's legacy after a child sex abuse scandal involving former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky tarnished his image.

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Media Mischief On April Fools' Day

Tue, 2015-03-31 12:01

When news organizations make fun of the news, it can be funny — or not.

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Tweeners Trust Peers More Than Adults When Judging Risks

Tue, 2015-03-31 11:35

We all tend to adjust our opinions based on what other people think. But young teenagers pay far more attention to other teens than they do to adults, a study finds. That explains a lot, doesn't it?

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Dozens Of Countries Join China-Backed Bank Opposed By Washington

Tue, 2015-03-31 11:26

Some of Washington's closest allies have signed on to a new Asian development bank. The U.S. opposes the bank in part because it presents a challenge to American influence in the Asia region.

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Obama Releases Frozen Military Aid To Egypt

Tue, 2015-03-31 11:15

Delivery of the F-16s, Harpoon missiles and M1A1 Abrams tank kits was suspended in 2013 after a military-backed coup. The White House cited national security as the reason for its decision today.

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What The 2016 Hopefuls Are Saying About Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law

Tue, 2015-03-31 11:10

"This is simply allowing people of faith space to be able to express their beliefs," said Jeb Bush. Hillary Clinton tweeted: "Sad this new Indiana law can happen in America today."

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The Resurrection Of Lamb Ham: A Colonial Tradition Revived

Tue, 2015-03-31 10:52

British colonialists brought lamb ham to America, where a sugar-cured, smoked variety became popular. Easier-to-cure pork ham eventually took its place, but now two Virginians are bringing it back.

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Hackers Teach Computers To Tell Healthy And Sick Brain Cells Apart

Tue, 2015-03-31 10:36

Scientists are still better than computers at assessing a neuron's health by looking at its shape. But an effort that includes an international series of hackathons could help speed the process.

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Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart's Replacement, Goes From Hero To Villain In 24 Hours

Tue, 2015-03-31 10:18

Soon after it was announced that Noah will host The Daily Show, it emerged that some of his tweets mocked women and Jews — tweets that critics have called sexist and anti-Semitic.

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