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The World's Most Trafficked Mammal Is One You May Never Have Heard Of

Tue, 2015-08-18 09:58

The pangolin, a shy, scaly animal resembling an anteater, is being hunted into extinction, conservationists say. New efforts are underway to protect this exotic creature.

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3 Things You Should Know About Birthright Citizenship

Tue, 2015-08-18 09:24

As it happens every few years, the U.S. tradition of jus soli is back in the spotlight. Some Republican presidential candidates want to end the practice, which would take a constitutional amendment.

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High Cost Of Diabetes Drugs Often Goes Overlooked

Tue, 2015-08-18 08:51

Cost increases for both old and new diabetes drugs are forcing many patients to scramble to pay for them.

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Accusations Of Game-Throwing Rile Little League Softball World Series

Tue, 2015-08-18 08:32

Officials said there were "credible reports" that one team intentionally lost a game to prevent another team from advancing. To settle the matter, those teams will face each other in a playoff.

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4 Foods Americans Don't Eat Much Anymore

Tue, 2015-08-18 07:03

Open a cookbook from the Gilded Age and you just might be surprised by what our forebears passed around the table.

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The Underage Girls Of Mexico's Sex Trade: Hope Amid The Horror

Tue, 2015-08-18 06:40

A new study finds that one in four of the sex workers in Tijuana and Juarez started as minors. But a safe house is helping some of them find a new life.

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Indonesian Officials Find No Survivors In Wreckage Of Downed Plane

Tue, 2015-08-18 04:31

Rescue crews did recover the plane's black box, which may provide a clue as to why the plane, which was carrying 54 passengers, crashed in Papua.

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'Spice' It Up! Trump Factor Takes Toll On 'Blanded' Walker

Tue, 2015-08-18 03:03

Scott Walker was riding high in Iowa until Donald Trump came along. Walker appeared at the Iowa State Fair Monday, where he tried to rekindle the fire with voters, who think he's gotten boring.

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A Second Explosion Hits Bangkok, As Police Track Down Suspect In First Blast

Tue, 2015-08-18 02:45

The second blast happened when an explosive was thrown from a bridge. It did not injure anyone. An explosion on Monday left at least 20 dead and 140 injured.

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In The Upper Midwest, Summertime Means Fish Boils

Tue, 2015-08-18 01:22

Scandinavian immigrants developed an ingenious way to feed large groups of people on the cheap: fish boils. More than 100 years later, the tradition — and the spectacle — lives on.

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Medicare Says Doctors Should Get Paid To Discuss End-Of-Life Issues

Tue, 2015-08-18 00:49

After a six-year delay, Medicare proposes to reimburse doctors who hold end-of-life discussions with Medicare patients. The federal program is now soliciting public comments on the idea.

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Feeling Momentum, Fiorina Visits The Iowa State Fair

Tue, 2015-08-18 00:46

The Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO has received much attention — and strong poll numbers — since her performance at a candidate forum in early August.

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For The First Time, Women Will Graduate From Army's Rigorous Ranger School

Mon, 2015-08-17 16:32

This was the first class to allow women in more than six decades of Ranger training. NPR's Tom Bowman notes that 19 women started the course and two are graduating.

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Were Carbs A Brain Food For Our Ancient Ancestors?

Mon, 2015-08-17 14:19

Once ancient humans learned to cook, starchy foods could have given them a calorie bump that fueled the evolution of the human brain, British researchers argue in a new paper.

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What's In Donald Trump's Immigration Plan And How It Could Affect The GOP

Mon, 2015-08-17 13:24

Donald Trump made headlines with his comments deriding Mexican immigrants as "rapists." And his first detailed policy proposal (on immigration) would build a wall and end birthright citizenship.

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U.S. Army Soldiers Mobilized To Help Suppress Wildfires For First Time Since 2006

Mon, 2015-08-17 13:19

The 200 active duty military personnel will help fight roughly 95 wildfires in the Western U.S.

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Navajo Nation Farmers Feel The Weight Of Colorado Mine Spill

Mon, 2015-08-17 13:04

The spill of heavy metals into the Animas River has contaminated water for hundreds of farmers in the Navajo Nation downstream, bringing up memories of past environmental disasters.

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Guzzling 9,000 Years Of History With 'The Comic Book Story Of Beer'

Mon, 2015-08-17 12:51

A new illustrated history explores beer's journey from the cradle of agriculture, to the rise and fall of Ancient Rome, to the modern-day craft beer heyday.

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Do Troops Killed In Oklahoma City Bombing Deserve A Combat Medal?

Mon, 2015-08-17 12:20

An effort to award the medal to military personnel who died in the bombing has reopened discussion about who is entitled to one. A veterans group says the attack was not international terrorism.

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IRS Hack Bigger Than First Thought

Mon, 2015-08-17 12:20

A closer look shows hackers got nearly three times the taxpayer data originally feared.

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