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Climate Sticking Point: Who Cuts And By How Much?

Fri, 2014-12-12 05:27

With the talks in their final day, rich and poor nations meeting in Lima, Peru, have yet to a agree on the central issue of emissions targets.

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What Does It Take To Bring Transparency To Medicine?

Fri, 2014-12-12 05:06

Doctors in the U.S. don't have to tell patients about conflicts of interest. When physician Leana Wen asked her fellow doctors to open up, the reaction she got was frightening.

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Remembering Michel du Cille: Photos Of Sorrow And Triumph In Liberia

Fri, 2014-12-12 05:04

The three-time Pulitzer winner died on Thursday while on assignment in Liberia for The Washington Post. About those tough assignments, du Cille always emphasized compassion and dignity.

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'Pineapple Express' Pounds West Coast, Sparking Floods, Power Outages

Fri, 2014-12-12 03:10

The region is expected to get rain through Friday. Meteorologist say this is the biggest storm the region has experienced since 2009. Twitter users dubbed it #hellastorm.

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Born In The U.S. But Turned Back At The Border, Time After Time

Fri, 2014-12-12 01:01

Maria Isabel de la Paz is an American citizen who grew up in Mexico, but her birth certificate was dismissed at border checkpoints. The ACLU says too few of these cases see the inside of a courtroom.

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Please Touch! Cooper Hewitt Creates A Museum For The Internet Age

Fri, 2014-12-12 01:01

The design museum is housed in a historic building, but it has been remade into one of the country's most technologically advanced museums. Officials hope it attracts younger visitors — and donors.

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Kabul Postcard: A Neighborhood In Transistion

Fri, 2014-12-12 01:01

As NPR Kabul correspondent Sean Carberry wraps up his assignment, he assesses the change in his neighborhood, which has gone from dirt streets to upscale shopping centers.

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Even Under Obama, Black Activist Says Every Inch Of Progress Is A Fight

Fri, 2014-12-12 01:01

President Obama has said he'll work to improve race relations between police and communitie, but in his hometown, many see a leader unable to sustain the progress predicted during his 2008 campaign.

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When Americans Head To Syria, How Much Of A Threat Do They Pose?

Thu, 2014-12-11 23:49

In recent cases, teenage Americans were caught en route to Syria. They seem to be more naive than actual threats. U.S. law enforcement is trying to decide how to deal with them.

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A Liberian Prof Doesn't Like What He's Seeing On The News Blackboard

Thu, 2014-12-11 23:38

Samuel Gbazeki is one of the many Liberians who stop by the Daily Talk blackboard to check out the news. The English professor has a lot to say about the latest headlines.

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Liberia's Daily Talk: All The News That Fits On A Blackboard

Thu, 2014-12-11 23:33

The New York Times says it's the most widely read news source in Liberia's capital. It consists of a blackboard, upon which a journalist writes regular updates about everything from politics to Ebola.

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After Nut Rumpus, Macadamia Sales Rocket

Thu, 2014-12-11 14:49

After a Korean Air executive was enraged by a steward's presentation of macadamia nuts in her first-class cabin, a large South Korean market reports an unlikely side effect.

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Birds Of A Feather Aren't Necessarily Related

Thu, 2014-12-11 14:39

Geneticists have revised the evolutionary tree of birds, revealing some unlikely relationships.

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Officer Buys Eggs For Woman Caught Shoplifting To Feed Family

Thu, 2014-12-11 14:05

The act of kindness in Tarrant, Ala., was caught on video. The story garnered so much attention that donations of money, food and clothes poured in from around the world.

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Kalettes, Broccoflower And Other Eye-Popping Vegetables For 2015

Thu, 2014-12-11 13:49

Kale's days as the superfood-du-jour may be numbered. Next up: Kalettes? It's a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts, and it's one of a few bewitching hybrid vegetables that could go big in 2015.

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You Don't Want To Monkey Around With Monkey Malaria

Thu, 2014-12-11 13:11

The surging and virulent strain is carried by macaques in southeast Asia. As their habitat is disrupted by development, the monkeys come in closer contact with people. And mosquitoes do the rest.

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Why The White House Wants To Go After Seafood Pirates

Thu, 2014-12-11 13:02

Americans eat more seafood than just about anyone, but a big portion of imports are caught illegally. One expert calls this "the single greatest threat to sustainable fisheries in the world today."

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Football Players Drill Without Helmets To Reduce Concussions

Thu, 2014-12-11 13:01

The idea, according to a scientist at New Hampshire University, is to teach each player "rugby awareness," so he'll be more likely to keep his head out of harm's way. Helmets off, eyes up.

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U.Va. Looks At Ways To Curb Drinking At Its Frat Houses

Thu, 2014-12-11 12:30

The University of Virginia is looking to make changes, even though a report about a gang rape has been discredited. Ideas include banning hard alcohol and having sober volunteers self-police parties.

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Kentucky Says Noah's Ark Theme Park Won't Get Tax Breaks

Thu, 2014-12-11 12:28

Kentucky says the Christian group behind the project wouldn't commit not to discriminate in its hiring on the basis of religion. The group says it will challenge the state's decision.

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