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Search Still On For Two Men Who Escaped A New York Prison Last Week

Tue, 2015-06-09 12:29

It's believed Richard Matt and David Sweat, two convicted murderers, used power tools to drill through obstacles and escape through a large pipe, finally emerging through a manhole.

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Advocates Push To Bring Solitary Confinement Out Of The Shadows

Tue, 2015-06-09 12:10

Some big states have been moving to limit the numbers of people they send to solitary but officials say it's necessary to maintain control and, in some cases, protect the prisoners themselves.

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Monsanto, Angling For Global Pesticide Dominance, Woos Syngenta

Tue, 2015-06-09 12:08

The world's biggest seed company wants to buy the world's biggest pesticide company, Syngenta. Syngenta is playing hard to get, but a veteran industry executive says the deal may happen.

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The Unfinished VA Hospital That's More Than $1 Billion Over Budget

Tue, 2015-06-09 12:07

The Colorado hospital has been in the works for a decade and has cost more than five times the original estimate. Funding runs out this week and it's not clear where additional money will come from.

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The Hard Work Of Waiting For A Hand Transplant

Tue, 2015-06-09 11:57

Kevin Lopez was born missing the fingers on his right hand. Now 20, Lopez has been on a waiting list for a hand transplant since turning 18.

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Anxious About China, Asian Nations Buy More U.S. Military Hardware

Tue, 2015-06-09 11:36

The shopping spree by Southeast Asian nations is expected to total around $40 billion over the next year. But the U.S. has competition, from Russia, Europe and other countries in Asia.

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Abortion Restriction Law Is Backed By Federal Court In Texas

Tue, 2015-06-09 10:52

A federal appeals court has backed key parts of Texas' controversial 2013 law that critics say would put some clinics at risk of closing.

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Tampa Bay Takes 2-1 Lead Over Chicago In Stanley Cup Final

Tue, 2015-06-09 10:49

Cedric Paquette scored for the game-winning goal late in the third period, with help from defenseman Victor Hedman.

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A Gender Revolution Hits The Streets, Two Wheels At A Time

Tue, 2015-06-09 10:00

On one ride, a guy knocked one of the girls off her bike. But it didn't discourage these Afghan teens from cruising around Kabul every Friday and challenging the view that woman shouldn't bike.

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Using Obscure Law, Cleveland Residents Seek Arrest Of Police Officers

Tue, 2015-06-09 09:59

The residents want two police officers arrested over the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was playing with a pellet gun in a public park last November.

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As American As Iced Tea: A Brief, Sometimes Boozy History

Tue, 2015-06-09 09:57

At least as early as Colonial times, Americans were drinking iced tea, though early alcohol-laden recipes had more in common with the cocktail from Long Island than the stuff sold by Lipton.

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Guess Which State Has The Best High School Graduation Rate?

Tue, 2015-06-09 09:08

The national graduation rate has hit a remarkable 81 percent. Why the steep rise in recent years? Exhibit A: Iowa.

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Hogwarts Hops The Pond: Rowling Reveals U.S. Version Of Wizards' School

Tue, 2015-06-09 09:01

In a series of tweets with fans, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling confirmed that Americans have their own version of the legendary school of witchcraft and wizardry.

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Hundreds March In McKinney's Streets To Protest Police Action

Tue, 2015-06-09 09:00

The protest came after the town's police department said that it's investigating Friday's incident. An officer who forced a teenage girl to the ground and briefly drew his gun is on leave.

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Luminaries Across Political Spectrum Filed Support Letters For Gen. Petraeus

Tue, 2015-06-09 08:23

In letters of support, Republicans and Democrats pleaded with a judge to keep Gen. David Petraeus from jail, after he pleaded guilty to revealing government secrets to his biographer.

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To Beat Insomnia, Try Therapy For The Underlying Cause Instead Of Pills

Tue, 2015-06-09 08:19

A review of the medical evidence finds that therapy can break the cycle of chronic sleeplessness by addressing the anxieties that cause many people to stay awake.

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Virginia Court Is Ordered To Reconsider Injunction In Sweet Briar College Case

Tue, 2015-06-09 08:16

The legal battle over Sweet Briar's fate has been fast-moving — the private women's school is slated to close on Aug. 25.

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Here's How Inflation Has Eroded American Workers' Overtime Eligibility

Tue, 2015-06-09 08:06

The Obama administration might soon make millions of workers newly eligible for overtime, but experts disagree over how the new rules should look.

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The Battles Of A Civil War Re-Enactress

Tue, 2015-06-09 06:33

Refused at first as a re-enactor, J.R. Hardman turned to historic, real-life pioneers for inspiration.

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Vincent Bugliosi, Manson Prosecutor And 'Helter Skelter' Author, Dies

Tue, 2015-06-09 06:01

After the 1969 murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others thrust Bugliosi into the spotlight, he won convictions against Charles Manson and his followers.

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