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Despite A Massacre By ISIS, An Iraqi Tribe Vows To Fight Back

Wed, 2014-11-19 23:52

The Albu Nimr tribe recently had some 600 members slaughtered by ISIS in western Iraq. The Sunni tribesmen says they will back, but need help, which the U.S. has now pledged.

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Officer's Death Raises Safety Concerns For Alaska's Unarmed Cops

Wed, 2014-11-19 23:48

Remote Alaskan villages are some of the last places in America patrolled by unarmed law enforcement officers. But an officer's death last year has challenged ideas about policing on the last frontier.

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Are NOLA Schools Failing Students With Disabilities?

Wed, 2014-11-19 23:46

In New Orleans, nine of ten children attend charter schools. But parents and activists say the city's nearly all-charter system is failing many children with disabilities.

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'Redeployment,' 'Age Of Ambition' Win National Book Awards

Wed, 2014-11-19 17:57

The veteran-penned short story collection and the nonfiction look at modern China and its citizens joined youth literature winner Brown Girl Dreaming and poetry winner Faithful and Virtuous Night.

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Delinquent Mine Fines: 'Clearly Troubling ... More Can Be Done'

Wed, 2014-11-19 14:21

"We have tools in place to crack down on these scofflaws, but what's missing is a stronger commitment," says John Kline, a key House Republican.

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Motown's Jimmy Ruffin Dies; Sang 'What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted'

Wed, 2014-11-19 14:14

Singer Jimmy Ruffin, who was born in Mississippi but lent his soulful voice to hits for Detroit's Motown Records, died Monday at age 78, according to reports.

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Oh, The Places You'll Go: Toilet Signs Try To Help (And Often Fail)

Wed, 2014-11-19 12:57

Do I squat or sit? What can I flush? Is there even a way to flush? Signs from around the world aim to answer your vital toilet questions. Sometimes they're helpful. Sometimes they're just ... weird..

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Senate 'Torture Report' Findings Expected This Year

Wed, 2014-11-19 12:56

An executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee's two-year-old report will be made public before Democrats relinquish control of the Senate in January.

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Bush Pilot Helps Rural Alaskan Police Explore Isolated Villages

Wed, 2014-11-19 12:52

The troopers who police rural Alaska can't do their jobs without a good bush pilot to fly them into remote areas. In Bristol Bay, that pilot is John Bouker.

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For Millions Of Millennials: Some College, No Degree, Lots Of Debt

Wed, 2014-11-19 12:27

Noelle Johnson has about $20,000 in student loans and is still working on her degree. Without the higher earnings a B.A. can bring, even a modest student debt load can pose a big challenge.

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'The Hunger Games' Meets Capitol Hill At The Freshman Office Lottery

Wed, 2014-11-19 12:24

New members tried out any number of rituals — from lucky dances to backflips — hoping the office odds were ever in their favor.

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America's 'Best Restroom 2014' Is Verdant And Curvy

Wed, 2014-11-19 12:21

The top bathroom in America is currently at Philadelphia's Longwood Gardens, where 17 commodious chambers are built into what the facility says is the largest "green wall" on the continent.

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Gilead Buys Shortcut For FDA Drug Review For $125 Million

Wed, 2014-11-19 12:09

The Food and Drug Administration priority review voucher comes from a Canadian company that got it by developing a drug for leishmaniasis, a disease long neglected by pharmaceutical companies.

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NBC And Netflix Shelve Bill Cosby Projects As New Rape Claim Emerges

Wed, 2014-11-19 11:07

A TV comedy Bill Cosby was developing for NBC has been canceled, after new allegations of rape against the comedian. Netflix made a similar move late Tuesday, shelving a comedy special.

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With Hand-Sewn Ships, Oman Revives A Glorious Maritime Past

Wed, 2014-11-19 10:37

The rich maritime history dates back more than a millennium. There's a group dedicated to reviving it by making boats the old-fashioned way: with coconut palm fiber, shark liver oil and no nails.

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Just What Is In Pumpkin Spice Flavor? (Hint: Not Pumpkin)

Wed, 2014-11-19 10:33

Pumpkin spice is the flavor of the season, but does anyone think there's real pumpkin in the "science goo" in our lattes? Turns out flavor companies have come up with a simple chemical recipe for it.

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Me, Myself And The Loo: A Woman's Future Can Rest On A Toilet

Wed, 2014-11-19 10:22

"My Toilet," a new photo exhibit in London, documents how commodes — or the lack of a proper one — affect the health, safety and education of girls and women around the world.

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Obama Expected To Unveil Immigration Plan On Thursday

Wed, 2014-11-19 08:17

The president will then address the issue in a speech at a Las Vegas high school on Friday, a source familiar with the process tells NPR.

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Toilets 'R' Him: Jack Sim Wants A Potty In Every Pad

Wed, 2014-11-19 07:43

The Singapore activist created World Toilet Day in 2001, got U.N. sponsorship last year and posed for us on a toilet outdoors on a freezing day. That's how committed he is to bringing toilets to all.

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U.K. To Deny Entry To Controversial U.S. Dating Guru

Wed, 2014-11-19 07:36

The Home Office said Julien Blanc's presence wasn't conducive to the public good. Blanc, a dating coach, makes racist and derogatory references to women, and appears to condone violence toward them.

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