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What's it really like to work at McDonald's?

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 15:23
What is it really like to work at McDonald's?

Scale of illegal dog trade revealed

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 15:23
The Dog Factory, a BBC Scotland investigation to be broadcast later, is exposing the multi-million pound world of dog trading.

Does Russian-language Siri have a problem with gays?

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 15:21
Russian language Siri accused of homophobia

The enduring images of Abraham Lincoln

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 15:11
The many faces of a famous president

Finns aren't what they used to be

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 15:10
Finns aren't what they used to be

EU set to announce Google action

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 15:01
The European Union's competition commissioner is expected to announce details of its case against Google over its search engine.

UKIP unveils 'serious' manifesto

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 15:01
UKIP's general election manifesto contains "serious, fully-costed policies", party leader Nigel Farage says ahead of its launch.

Clegg pledges schools cash increase

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 15:00
The Liberal Democrats pledge an extra £2.5bn for England's education budget as they launch their election manifesto.

VIDEO: Tories and Greens: Manifestos in song

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 14:58
Comedian Jake Yapp closes BBC Newsnight programme with his musical rendition of the Tories' and Greens' manifestos.

Town's firms wary of praising migrants

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 14:57
Companies in Boston, Lincolnshire, are pleased with their migrant workers but don't like to talk about it, finds the BBC's Rob Broomby.

SpaceX rocket recovery fails again

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 14:55
US firm SpaceX fails in its third attempt to retrieve a booster rocket intact, after an otherwise successful launch.

VIDEO: Daniel Craig's 'licence to save' role

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 14:48
Actor Daniel Craig has been given a 'licence to save' in his new role as the UN's first global advocate to eliminate landmines and explosive hazards.

Woolworths Anzac campaign taken down

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 14:44
Supermarket giant Woolworths takes down an online Anzac Day campaign after it attracted strong criticism on social media.

VIDEO: Reporter injured in Ukraine ceasefire visit

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 14:43
There has been a surge in fighting between government troops and pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine despite diplomatic efforts to maintain a ceasefire.

Houthis condemn UN arms embargo

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 14:39
Houthi rebels in Yemen condemn a UN Security Council arms embargo and call on supporters to hold mass demonstrations.

SpaceX Launches Successfully, But Rocket Doesn't Survive

NPR News - Tue, 2015-04-14 14:37

The Dragon spacecraft heads to the International Space Station on a routine resupply mission. What wasn't routine was the attempt to land the spent rocket on a floating barge in the Atlantic Ocean.

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VIDEO: Shipment of groceries en route to ISS

BBC - Tue, 2015-04-14 14:14
The Space X supply ship is on its way to the ISS with a supply of groceries and a specially designed espresso machine.

Iraqi Leader Visits Washington Looking For Help In Fight Against Islamic State

NPR News - Tue, 2015-04-14 14:09

Iraq's prime minister is trying to drum up military support against the self-proclaimed Islamic State, which controls parts of his country. He is also looking for billions of dollars in loans.

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Drone Strike Reportedly Kills Al-Qaida Leader In Yemen

NPR News - Tue, 2015-04-14 13:53

Ibrahim al-Rubaish was a prominent al-Qaida cleric who was released from Guantanamo Bay in 2006. He had a $5 million bounty on his head.

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How AeroPress Fans Are Hacking Their Way To A Better Cup Of Coffee

NPR News - Tue, 2015-04-14 13:38

Coffee aficionados say the simple, syringe-like device makes exceptional espresso and allows for countless variations on the perfect cup. Not surprising, given that its inventor is a serial tinkerer.

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