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Fears UK medics crossed into Syria

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 20:09
Nine British medical students and doctors are feared to have travelled to Syria to work in areas controlled by Islamic State (IS).

French far-right eyes election gains

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 20:00
People in France are due to vote in local elections in which the far-right National Front party is expected to score big gains.

VIDEO: Six Nations Catch-Up: The epic finale

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 19:34
Watch the best of the weekend's Six Nations action in one handy bite-sized chunk with the Six Nations Catch-Up.

Do parliament's select committees wield too much power?

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 19:15
Do select committees wield too much power?

Mobile firms agree theft charges cap

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 18:54
Mobile phone-users will be protected from massive bills when their devices are stolen under new measures.

VIDEO: Londonderry fire temple to peace

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 17:48
Watch a 70ft artwork burn for peace

'Finale where we fell back in love'

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 17:42
The glorious chaos of the Six Nations finale let us fall back in love with a rugby we thought had died, writes Tom Fordyce.

Asia's deadly secret: The scourge of the betel nut

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 17:11
The cancer legacy of Asia's mind-altering nuts

VIDEO: Trends of the week - in 60 seconds

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 17:10
Campaign against sexual violence and other trends of the week

Leaving Kosovo: Exodus of young people as frustration soars

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 17:05
Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe, but those young people are leaving in droves to find work elsewhere, says the BBC's Guy De Launey.

The Nigerians bowled over by cricket

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 17:02
The Nigerians bowled over by cricket

Candidate's 'race plot', and eulogy to an 'evil king'

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 16:58
Among a mixed batch of Sunday headlines, the Mail on Sunday focuses on allegations against a Conservative parliamentary candidate, while the Express leads on the reburial of King Richard III.

Call for overseas graduate work visa

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 16:43
Students from outside Europe should be given special permission to stay and work in Scotland after their studies have finished, according to a report.

The men who uncovered Assyria

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 16:41
How Victorians moved the riches of Assyria out of IS's reach

Viewpoint: A clean Afghanistan slate

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 16:30
As the Afghan leadership visits Washington, a far more successful US-Afghan partnership could be in the works, Michael O'Hanlon writes

Tory suspended over EDL allegations

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 15:55
A Conservative candidate in the general election is suspended from the party over allegations he schemed with the English Defence League to win votes.

Footage shows Tunis museum attackers

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 15:43
The Tunisian government releases footage showing two gunmen walking through the Bardo museum during the attack that killed 25 people on Wednesday.

'IS online threat' to US military

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 15:11
The Pentagon investigates an alleged threat by Islamic State (IS) to about 100 US military personnel whose details are posted online.

Hodgson adds two keepers to squad

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 14:41
Roy Hodgson calls up two keepers to England squad for Lithuania and Italy games after Fraser Forster's withdrawal.

'No bad' deal with Iran, powers vow

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-21 14:33
Western powers meeting in London promise they will not accept a "bad deal" with Iran on its nuclear activity, as deadlines for agreement loom.