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VIDEO: Turkmenistan to meet China gas needs

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 20:33
China is investing in Turkmenistan's energy sector to boost the supply of gas to its fast growing economy.

China's factory activity stagnates

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 20:15
Activity in some of China's factories and workshops hits a six month low in November, a fresh survey shows.

East-West conflict set to run and run

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 20:11
The current dispute between Russia and the EU is not likely to be resolved any time soon, says Mark Mardell.

Yahoo to take over search on Firefox

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 20:10
Tech giant Yahoo will now replace market leader Google as the default search engine on Firefox's internet browsers in the US.

Northern US braced for more snow

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 20:05
Another metre of snow is expected in upstate New York after a massive snowstorm killed at least seven people on Wednesday.

VIDEO: $1m bill for baby's early arrival

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 19:49
A Canadian family is facing a bill of almost $1m (£638,000) from an American hospital, because their daughter was born prematurely while they were on holiday in Hawaii.

Firm to invest £640m in UK shale gas

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 19:45
Chemicals giant Ineos is to announce plans to invest up to $1bn (£640m) in shale gas exploration and production in the UK, the BBC understands.

North Korea threatens nuclear test

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 19:44
North Korea threatens to conduct a nuclear test in response to a United Nations move towards a probe into the country's human rights violations.

Has China overcome its web paranoia?

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 19:33
Can China conquer its internet paranoia?

UK's first 'poo bus' starts running

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 18:13
The UK's first bus powered entirely by human and food waste goes into service between Bristol and Bath.

Nokia's brand name merry-go-round

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 18:11
Nokia launches a new tablet as Microsoft drops the company's name from another. What does this all mean, asks Rory Cellan-Jones?

Reward offer over 1994 taxi shooting

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 18:02
A reward of up to £20,000 is offered ahead of the 20th anniversary of a taxi driver's shooting

German leftists agree historic deal

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 18:00
Germany's three left-leaning parties agree a historic deal which will see the first far-left state president since the fall of Communism.

Singapore tops best business ranking

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 17:58
Wealthy city-state Singapore has once again topped a ranking of the best places in the world to do business, with the UK ranking only 21st.

'Redeployment,' 'Age Of Ambition' Win National Book Awards

NPR News - Wed, 2014-11-19 17:57

The veteran-penned short story collection and the nonfiction look at modern China and its citizens joined youth literature winner Brown Girl Dreaming and poetry winner Faithful and Virtuous Night.

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Rich countries to meet on Green Fund

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 17:54
Representatives from the world's richest countries are meeting in Berlin to pledge money to smooth the way for a global climate change deal.

Obesity 'costing same as smoking'

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 17:42
The worldwide cost of obesity is about the same as smoking or armed conflict and greater than both alcoholism and climate change, research suggests.

Legal aid cuts' not thought through'

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 17:13
The government did not "think through" its legal aid cuts early enough and "does not know" whether people in need of aid are getting it, a report says.

VIDEO: West Africa's own Ebola anthem

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 17:05
West African musicians compete with Band Aid 30

Polling day in Rochester and Strood

BBC - Wed, 2014-11-19 16:59
Voters are set to go to the poll in the Rochester and Strood by-election in Kent on Thursday.