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Jodrell Bank among funding winners

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 15:05
Lottery funding worth £98m is being given to nine heritage sites, including projects to preserve Britain's scientific and technological history.

Hooked - Part 3

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 15:04
Buba's choice - save his business or buy drugs?

Fighting HIV where no-one admits it's a problem

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 15:04
The country where the number of people with HIV is soaring

VIDEO: David Letterman signs off

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 15:03
After more than 30 years and 6,000 shows, chat show host David Letterman is bringing down the curtain on his illustrious career.

CBI urges firms to back EU membership

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 15:02
Businesses are being urged to "speak out early" in favour of remaining in a reformed European Union by the Confederation of British Industry.

'Overpaid prima donnas to winners'

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 14:59
New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum tells BBC Sport how his side transformed their fortunes before their Test series against England.

Syria rebels 'seize key Idlib base'

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 14:50
Rebels fighting Syria's government seize the last major army base in north-western Idlib province, an activist group says.

Van Gaal steals show at awards night

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 14:49
Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal steals the show at the club's end-of-season awards with an eccentric closing speech.

Hundreds expected at shot cow vigil

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 14:26
Hundreds of people are expected to attend a memorial vigil for a cow which was shot dead by police marksmen in North Tyneside.

Tea Tuesdays: Cold Weather, Gogol And The Rise Of The Russian Samovar

NPR News - Tue, 2015-05-19 14:24

The giant, metal, hot-water urns are at the center of Russian tea culture — and national identity. How that came to be may have as much to do with Russian literature as common usage.

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Home-brewed Morphine Is Just Around The Corner

NPR News - Tue, 2015-05-19 14:10

What if microbes could ferment sugar into narcotics, like the way yeasts make beer? That day is quickly approaching. This week scientists report all the steps needed to make morphine in yeast.

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Asian nations discuss migrant crisis

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 14:04
Foreign ministers from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are to attend an emergency meeting to discuss the current migrant crisis in the region.

Los Angeles votes for $15 minimum wage

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 13:59
Los Angeles becomes the largest city in the US to agree a $15 (£9.67) minimum wage.

Pressure To Act Unethically Looms Over Wall Street, Survey Finds

NPR News - Tue, 2015-05-19 13:54

About half of the financial professionals surveyed say their competitors have behaved unethically or illegally to gain an advantage. And many say compensation and bonuses can create bad incentives.

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After A Big Victory For ISIS, Iraqi Forces Look To Regroup

NPR News - Tue, 2015-05-19 13:52

With a victory in Ramadi, the Islamic State controls a city just 70 miles from Baghdad. Many civilians are on the move, and Iraq's armed forces are again looking weak.

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VIDEO: Poroshenko: 'I don't trust Putin'

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 13:48
Ukraine's president tells the BBC he does not trust Russian president Vladimir Putin and that Ukrainians should prepare for a major Russian offensive.

Hunt to confirm Labour leader plans

BBC - Tue, 2015-05-19 13:32
Tristram Hunt will confirm whether he will enter the Labour leadership race or not, as he urges the party to broaden its appeal and not rely on its core supporters.

After A Month, The 7 Questions Hillary Clinton Answered From The Media

NPR News - Tue, 2015-05-19 13:26

Clinton ended a nearly month-long avoidance of press questions, and addressed the release of her e-mails, foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, the state of Iraq and more.

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Rabbis Diversify To Connect To Students; Just Don't Bring Up Israel

NPR News - Tue, 2015-05-19 13:19

As the number of religious young people declines, Hillel International is trying to build a "big tent" Judaism for secular and religious students alike. But some say that tent may not be big enough.

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What Does 'Raw' Mean? When It Comes To Almonds, You Might Be Surprised

NPR News - Tue, 2015-05-19 13:11

By law, all California almonds must be pasteurized or treated with a fumigant — processes aimed at preventing foodborne illness. But critics say the treatments taint flavor and mislead consumers.

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