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Boy, 16, charged after terror raid

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 09:03
A 16-year-old boy arrested by counter-terrorism police in Greater Manchester is charged with trying to buy a biological toxin.

Afroman arrested for punching fan

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:57
US rapper and musician Afroman is arrested after video footage showed him punching a female fan on stage during a concert in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Netanyahus' Spending Habits Get Scrutiny In Growing Scandal

NPR News - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:49

Topics such as recycling payments and garden furniture are now in Israel's political sphere, after a review found spending such as an average monthly cleaning bill of over $20,000 for two homes.

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Apology for S Africa 'cockroach' slur

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:47
South Africa's parliamentary Speaker Baleka Mbete apologises for calling firebrand opposition MP Julius Malema a "cockroach."

'Hamilton-Rosberg lessons learned'

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:46
Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says the team have learned lessons about the rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

German heavy smoker gets court boost

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:40
A top German court overturns a ruling that gave a landlady authority to evict a pensioner whose heavy smoking had annoyed her.

Debate: Are America's Best Days Behind It?

NPR News - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:35

Is America in decline, or an unparalleled leader on the world stage? In the 100th debate from Intelligence Squared U.S., two teams face off over the motion, "Declinists Be Damned: Bet On America."

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Italy seeks swift action on Libya

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:34
Italy urges swift action at the UN to tackle the Libyan conflict, highlighting the risk that warring militias may side with Islamic State militants.

No Tory triumphalism over economy

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:29
Economic recovery must be good news for the Tory election campaign, right? Not necessarily, writes Ben Wright.

VIDEO: Prince Charles inside 'super sewer'

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:28
Prince Charles visits a sewer in East London to mark the 150th birthday of the city's underground water system.

Van Gaal warned over referee comment

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:26
Man Utd boss Louis van Gaal is warned about his future conduct for comments after last month's goalless draw with Cambridge.

TV star sued by injured plumber

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:19
A trainee plumber is suing an actor from the hit series Shameless over brain damage and partial blindness suffered in a row over a mobile phone.

Salty, Sweet, Sour. Is It Time To Make Fat The Sixth Taste?

NPR News - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:19

Fat has a lot in common with the five basic tastes: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. But while people easily recognize the texture of fat, scientists say they can't quite perceive the taste.

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Radical HIV vaccine ploy raises hope

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:14
In a radical new approach to HIV vaccination, DNA in monkeys is transformed and seems to give total protection against the virus, US scientists say.

Disabled children 'left in pain'

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:10
A survey of paediatricians suggests waiting-time guidelines to assess and diagnose disabled children are being breached.

Teen is shot in legs by masked gang

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:10
A west Belfast teenager speaks of his horror at being shot in the legs by a masked gang in the bedroom of his home.

Kinnock: Mansion tax 'cost of lunch'

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:05
Labour's planned mansion tax would cost the wealthy no more than an expensive lunch, says former leader Lord Kinnock in defence of the policy.

Islamic State gains Libya foothold

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:04
The Islamic State (IS) has wreaked havoc in the Middle East, seizing vast areas of Iraq and Syria and now it is taking advantage of Libya's collapse into anarchy, writes the BBC's Farouk Chothia.

Clarke ready for Australia return

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:00
Australia captain Michael Clarke will return from injury in Saturday's World Cup match against Bangladesh.

Quiz: Teens get fewer zzzzzs

Marketplace - American Public Media - Wed, 2015-02-18 08:00

Teens have been losing sleep for two decades, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics.

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