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Call for transfer of air tax power

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 16:12
The transport minister Derek Mackay calls for control over air passenger duty to be devolved to Holyrood immediately.

Learning how to limit tsunami misery

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 16:05
Tsunamis remain the deadliest of natural hazards - but thorough preparation and a rapid response can help to reduce the devastation, says Roland Pease.

Guards 'terror threat' and rail 'chaos' - papers

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:56
The status of the Royal Guards comes under scrutiny in some papers, while others focus on the travel chaos caused by wintry weather and delays to rail engineering.

Is revenge porn already illegal?

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:50
Will a new law help victims fight back?

Legacy vow by aid worker's brother

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:37
The brother of murdered aid worker David Haines reveals he has been reaching out to people of other faiths in the months since his death.

What is it like to be a blind film critic?

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:30
The man who reviews films he can't see

Why are so many drinks flavoured with honey?

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:24
Why are there honey versions of so many drinks?

Entertainment quiz of 2014: Arts

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:22
How much do you remember about the past 12 months?

Your year in pictures

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:19
A round-up of the best photos, taken by you, this year

Malaysia pledges extra flood funds

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:18
Malaysian PM Najib Razak announces extra money to help victims of the country's worst floods in decades, which have left at least five dead.

VIDEO: What is it like to be a blind film critic?

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:17
The man who reviews films he can't see

Ebola: How does it compare?

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:15
How Ebola compares with other diseases and outbreaks

The story of the Queen's Christmas speech

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:10
The story of the Queen's Christmas speech

How the fairytale of New York can become a nightmare

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:08
Why New York can be more of a nightmare than a fairy tale

Man charged over car shooting murder

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 15:00
A man is charged with murder and attempted murder over a double shooting in Sheffield City centre, in which shots were fired at a car at traffic lights.

VIDEO: Dilemma over Hitler's birthplace

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 14:46
The Austrian government is trying to work out what to do with the house in which Adolf Hitler was born.

VIDEO: Tributes paid to shot NY officer

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 14:03
Thousands of police officers join family, friends and dignitaries at the funeral of Rafael Ramos, one of two New York policemen shot dead a week ago.

VIDEO: Pope gunman lays flowers on tomb

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 14:02
A man who shot and wounded former Pope John Paul II more than 30 years ago returns to the Vatican to lay flowers on his tomb.

Snow strands motorists in Alps

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 13:58
Snow and ice strand 15,000 vehicles in the French Alps, snarling up holiday traffic to and from ski resorts.

Tottenham Double winner Henry dies

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-27 13:44
Double-winning former Tottenham Hotspur and England defender Ron Henry dies at the age of 80.