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How The Florida Governor's Debate Became #Fangate

NPR News - Fri, 2014-10-17 13:37

Republican Gov. Rick Scott's campaign wanted organizers to cancel Wednesday night's debate if Democrat Charlie Crist was allowed to use a fan at his podium.

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Syria hostage families urge 'unity'

BBC - Fri, 2014-10-17 13:33
Relatives of two Britons killed by Islamic State release a joint letter calling for "acts of unity" to help defeat the "hateful" militants.

Ascot ready for Champions Day

BBC - Fri, 2014-10-17 13:32
Ascot prepares for Britain's richest raceday on Saturday, with Cirrus Des Aigles set to take his career earnings past £6m.

My Money Story: Eustace Conway, off the grid

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2014-10-17 13:14

Eustace Conway is a Naturalist who lives in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. He's been living in the forest there for nearly 40 years.

When Conway was 17 years old, he left the suburbs to live outdoors. He has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, and has crossed the United States on horseback from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

When it comes to money, Conway says he has little use for it. He is the subject of the book, The Last American Man, by Elizabeth Gilbert.

VIDEO: IS hostage's brother in tribute video

BBC - Fri, 2014-10-17 13:00
Hostage David Haines's brother Michael has paid tribute to the aid worker who was killed last month.

Keep interest rates low, says Bank

BBC - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:58
Interest rates should remain low to avoid long-term economic stagnation, says the chief economist at the Bank of England.

The costs of getting behind the wheel

BBC - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:54
How the cost of learning to drive can mount up

Robinson outlines welfare fund plan

BBC - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:54
First Minister Peter Robinson sets out ways that he believes would make the government's welfare changes more acceptable in Northern Ireland.

U.S. To Temporarily Halt Funding For Controversial Virus Research

NPR News - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:44

The federal government will suspend funding while it reviews the potential risks and benefits of certain experiments with three viruses: SARS, MERS and influenza.

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Will 'truce' with Boko Haram free Chibok girls?

BBC - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:32
Will deal with Boko Haram bring back the girls?

Harlequins 25-9 Castres

BBC - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:31
Harlequins kick off the inaugural European Rugby Champions Cup with a solid win against French side Castres in Pool Two.

Washington, D.C., Pitches New Bridge Park As A 'Model For Social Equity'

NPR News - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:19

The park, built on piers left over from an obsolete, demolished bridge, would connect two disparate parts of the city in hopes of sparking new life and knitting two communities.

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Why Won't The Fear Of Airborne Ebola Go Away?

NPR News - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:18

Infectious disease specialists say Ebola can't spread through the air, but many Americans remain deeply skeptical. The history of past outbreaks suggests airborne transmission isn't a threat.

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VIDEO: Oysters flourish again in Swansea

BBC - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:14
Oyster fishing is set to make a comeback in Wales after marine biologists reintroduced 40,000 oysters into Swansea Bay.

California Nurses' Union Pulls Ebola Into Contract Talks

NPR News - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:04

Ebola training, staffing and protective gear are bargaining chips as nurses in California hammer out a new contract with Kaiser Permanente. Their requests mirror the concerns of nurses nationwide.

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Taxi passenger reviews investigated

BBC - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:04
Carmarthenshire Council is investigating a Llanelli taxi driver's secret online review systems of his passengers and their generosity with tips.

Drop In Unemployment Raises Debate On Optimal Rate

NPR News - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:04

Now that unemployment has slipped below 6 percent, there's renewed interest in what the Federal Reserve's target for joblessness should be. Some economists worry that inflation will resurface.

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Tech IRL: What meerkats have to do with the future of the internet

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2014-10-17 12:01

Thanks to white broadcast spaces, you can stream meerkats at the London Zoo:

Or, otters:

Or, even Galapagos tortoises:

White spaces basically consist of the channels not being used by traditional TV, and, like the partnership between Google and the London Zoo illustrates, can be used to transmit other types of information.

What's interesting about white space waves is that they travel extremely far; the wi-fi in your office starts to slow down when you're too far from an internet router, but white space waves can travel 6 miles without suffering. It could be used to deliver Internet broadband on the open ocean, or for networks of sensors that can protect cities from natural disasters.

But, the future of white space depends on what the FCC and other regulators decide to do, and whether some of these tests, like the meerkat cameras, prove we can use white spaces without interfering with channels that are already being used. 

Egality N'est Pas La Réalité: French Women Wage Online War On Sexism

NPR News - Fri, 2014-10-17 11:39

When a company told one French feminist it was "sorry" she found its ad sexist, she decided to fight back. She's launched a website where users target sexist companies and people on social media.

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Ostrich conman extradited to UK

BBC - Fri, 2014-10-17 11:37
A fugitive conman, drug dealer and money launderer from Swansea is extradited to the UK from South Africa after three years on the run.