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Mexican President Orders Investigation Into His Own Potential Conflict Of Interest

NPR News - Tue, 2015-02-03 15:58

Enrique Peña Nieto asked a watchdog agency to look into the purchase of homes by himself, his wife, and his finance minister from contractors who were then awarded lucrative construction projects.

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Smucker enters pet food business

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 15:47
J M Smucker, the US maker of jam, coffee and packaged goods, is entering the fast-growing pet food business by buying Big Heart Pet Brands.

Argentina leader 'named in warrant'

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 15:31
Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman planned an arrest warrant for President Fernandez before his mysterious death last month, investigators say.

More jobs research? Add it to the budget

Marketplace - American Public Media - Tue, 2015-02-03 15:19

Tucked into the president's budget Monday was a little extra something something for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Specifically, it allocated a couple of million dollars to let them fold what's called "the quits rate" — people leaving their jobs in search of greener pastures — into the monthly data.

It'll let us talk about even more jobs stuff every month.

Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen looks at it pretty closely too. So there's that.


Seven big myths about improving schools

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 15:17
Andreas Schleicher, in charge of the Pisa tests, reveals mistaken beliefs about what makes a high-performing education system

Hostage horror and cancer figures - papers

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 15:13
The killing of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh by Islamic State jihadists leads several papers, while others highlight predictions of increased cancer death rates.

'Genius' Ferguson hard to replace

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 15:11
Manchester United still have not found a replacement for former boss Sir Alex Ferguson, says agent Jorges Mendes.

Higher death rate 'driven by flu'

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 15:03
The current death rate in England and Wales is running about one-third higher than is normal for this time of year, official statistics show.

Conquering the wave that no-one dared to surf

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 15:02
The man who conquered the wave no-one else dared to face

Facing the crocodile that 'ate my wife'

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 15:00
Man battles crocodile that ate his pregnant wife

VIDEO: New book 'a major literary event'

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 14:57
Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird, will publish a sequel called Go Set a Watchman.

Australia fences 'keep toads at bay'

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 14:52
Special fences built around dams in arid parts of Australia could help eradicate poisonous cane toads, according to new research.

VIDEO: Litvinenko image 'used as target'

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 14:49
An inquiry into the death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has been shown a video which appears to show an image of him being used as target practice.

Has Harry Redknapp lost his sparkle?

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 14:40
Tipped for the England job in 2012 and now out of work... will we ever see Harry Redknapp back in football management?

VIDEO: Can child abusers return to society?

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 14:36
The BBC's Fergal Keane assesses the current arguments among child protection experts on preventing abuse and reintegrating sex offenders back into society.

Conservative Neurosurgeon Ben Carson Says Vaccines Are A Must

NPR News - Tue, 2015-02-03 14:28

Carson, who is considering a run for president, tells NPR that science has proven the efficacy of vaccines, so "why would you even think about not doing it?"

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Alberta Premier Says Keystone XL Pipeline Benefits U.S. And Canada

NPR News - Tue, 2015-02-03 14:26

Alberta's leader is in Washington to lobby Congress and the administration to push ahead with the controversial pipeline.

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Disney boosted by Frozen toy sales

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-03 14:20
Walt Disney credits the success of toys based on its hit film Frozen and an increase in visitors to its theme parks for an "incredibly strong quarter".

White Potato Redux: Experts Say Spuds Are Not Nutritional Duds

NPR News - Tue, 2015-02-03 14:19

An expert panel says white potatoes "contribute useful quantities of potassium and fiber" to our diets. Reversing itself, the panel says spuds should be included in WIC, a food aid program.

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Science Of Vaccines Is Settled — But Politics Are More Complicated

NPR News - Tue, 2015-02-03 14:18

Should kids get the measles vaccine or should parents be given a choice? Potential 2016 presidential candidates weigh in, and their views are all over the place.

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