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Galapagos tortoise put down in US

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 16:04
A 150-year old Galapagos tortoise has been put down in California after suffering from arthritis and numerous other ailments.

VIDEO: China's brand new islands

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 16:04
China has been building new islands in the South China Sea to the alarm of its neighbours.

VIDEO: Robot stars on Berlin opera stage

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:55
A small robot, the same size as an 8-year-old child, is the star of an opera performance at Berlin's Komische Oper.

VIDEO: Nutella, Ricky Gervais, a dog-eating festival and more trends of the week

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:51
Plus other trends you may have missed this week

Why are Father's Day cards so awful?

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:50
Why are Father's Day cards covered in golf images?

The shadowy figures passing through Europe

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:49
The shady figures slipping across Europe's borders

The awful truth about how dispensable we are

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:49
How I learned a lesson about my own dispensability

What makes a great museum?

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:48
What drives 50 million people into British museums?

Building the perfect private library

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:45
How the libraries of the rich and famous are collected

New questions over 'deal of century'

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:44
BBC sports editor Dan Roan examines concerns over public money and a lack of transparency around West Ham's tenancy of the Olympic Stadium.

Argentina 1-0 Jamaica

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:39
Lionel Messi makes his 100th international appearance as Argentina beat Jamaica in the Copa America.

VIDEO: Fish tank pump helps premature babies

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:39
A fish tank pump is among some of the simple, locally designed medical equipment helping to save children's lives in African countries like Malawi.

Adam Lambert: 'I'm not a diva!'

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:35
Adam Lambert on rumours, backstage demands and Queen

The 'ugly truth' about Body Dysmorphic Disorder

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:34
The reality of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Missing US prisoners 'spotted'

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:23
Two major searches are under way after a reported sighting of two killers who escaped from a prison in New York state a fortnight ago.

UK to protect artefacts in war zones

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:15
A major international agreement designed to protect cultural treasures during military conflicts is to be finally ratified by the UK.

Berry research projects win funding

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:06
The UK government announces funding for three new research projects which it says could "revolutionise" Scottish berry production.

Iraq war was a mistake says Falconer

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:05
UK forces should not have gone into Iraq in 2003, according to Lord Falconer, one of Tony Blair's closest allies during the build-up to war.

Babies to get meningitis B vaccine

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:03
The meningitis B vaccine will be introduced to the routine childhood vaccination programme in Scotland from 1 September, it is announced.

Nurse cuts 'put 7-day plan at risk'

BBC - Sat, 2015-06-20 15:01
Plans to create more seven-day services across the NHS in England are being put in jeopardy because of cuts to senior nursing posts, industry leaders are warning.