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Scots tycoon death inquest opens

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 02:03
An inquest is opened into the death of Scot Young, a property tycoon who died after falling from his London penthouse.

Will Venezuela default? Investors think so

Marketplace - American Public Media - Tue, 2014-12-23 02:00

Venezuela’s dealing with a double whammy as far as oil prices are concerned. Oil, whose price has halved in the past year, accounts for 95 percent of the country’s exports and 45 percent of the government’s budget. Oil is the primary source for the U.S. dollars needed to sustain the country’s severe import dependence and external debt. Traders put the odds of default within the next five years at 91 percent. 

The college bowl game sponsor shuffle

Marketplace - American Public Media - Tue, 2014-12-23 02:00

College football's new playoff system is shaking up the game off the field too. Some of the big companies sponsoring bowl games defected to another game or dropped their sponsorship altogether. So what's behind the shuffle? 

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Brad Katsuyama talks disrupting Wall Street

Marketplace - American Public Media - Tue, 2014-12-23 02:00

Wall Street has many a fancy computer, with computer science whizzes to match. But some wonder why it has yet to get the full Silicon Valley treatment (i.e. "disruption"). Where is the "Amazon" of financial services?

Brad Katsuyama, President and CEO of IEX, certainly thinks it's time for a shake up. Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio spoke with Katsuyama about why he thinks innovation could help right market wrongs.

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Men appear in court over PC's murder

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:51
Two men appear in court accused of the murder of off-duty Merseyside police constable Neil Doyle in Liverpool.

Lin to direct next Star Trek outing

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:43
Film-maker Justin Lin is to direct the next instalment of the Star Trek movie franchise, it is confirmed.

UK home sales below 100,000 a month

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:43
The number of homes being sold in the UK fell below 100,000 a month in November for the first time in a year, according to HM Revenue and Customs.

Ukraine votes to drop neutral status

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:42
Ukraine's parliament votes to drop the country's non-aligned status and work towards Nato membership, in a move certain to anger Russia.

Why did North Korea's internet go down?

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:31
The BBC's Stephen Evans in Seoul analyses the North Korean internet outage and its likely impact on the reclusive nation.

Ebola nurse to deliver C4 message

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:31
British Ebola survivor William Pooley is to deliver The Alternative Christmas Message on Channel 4 this year.

Lost Freeman Olympic bodysuit found?

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:30
The bodysuit worn by Cathy Freeman when she lit the Sydney 2000 Olympic flame may have been found 14 years after it disappeared.

Economic growth revised down to 2.6%

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:23
The UK economy has grown more slowly in the past year than previously thought, at 2.6% rather than 3%, official figures indicate.

Tanzania sacking over 'corruption'

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:14
Tanzania's President Jakaya Kikwete fires senior government minister Anna Tibaijuka after she is accused of wrongly taking $1m from a businessman.

VIDEO: The man who brings 20,000 toys back to life

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:11
Long-forgotten toys brought back to life online

The man who brings 20,000 toys back to life

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:11
Long-forgotten toys brought back to life online

Rare visit reveals 'brutal' IS

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:09
A German author who spent time in Islamic State territory tells the BBC the group is stronger, more brutal and harder to confront than he expected.

Is Sony Hack Really 'The Worst' In U.S. History, As CEO Claims?

NPR News - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:05

Sony Pictures is still reeling from the damage caused by the cyberattack. The company's reputation and Americans' free speech were put on the line. But experts dispute how to measure the damage.

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VIDEO: Yellow River waterfall turns to ice

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 01:01
Extremely cold temperatures have frozen parts of the Hukou waterfall on the Yellow River in north-west China.

Councils pay out millions in damages

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 00:44
Scottish councils fork out £15.5m in damages over the last five years, according to data obtained by BBC Scotland.

French PM assures public on attacks

BBC - Tue, 2014-12-23 00:30
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls seeks to ease public fears after three city attacks that injured more than 20 people, saying there is "no link".