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Univision Incident Reignites Questions About Diversity In Latino Media

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-13 13:45

Fashion critic and host Rodner Figueroa has been let go for offensive comments about First Lady Michelle Obama. Critics see the incident as an example of racism in Spanish-language broadcasts.

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Drumbeat Grows Louder For Impeachment Of Brazil's Rousseff

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-13 13:32

The second-term president faces a massive corruption scandal at the state oil company that implicates her party, rising inflation and a tanking currency. Now, her popularity is at an all-time low.

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US fraternity gets death threats

BBC - Fri, 2015-03-13 13:21
A lawyer hired by Sigma Alpha Epsilon to "protect the rights" of its members says the students are afraid to attend classes.

Ferguson Mayor Knowles Slams 'Hostile Language' From Eric Holder

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-13 13:13

Saying that he's trying to save Ferguson, Mo., Mayor James Knowles adds that he is frustrated and concerned by the tone of the attorney general's remarks.

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Ikea closes Russia site over gay law

BBC - Fri, 2015-03-13 12:58
Furniture giant Ikea says it is closing an online magazine in Russia over fears it could flout the country's anti-gay "propaganda" laws.

Hardaker dropped amid police probe

BBC - Fri, 2015-03-13 12:25
Leeds Rhinos drop Zak Hardaker for Friday's Super League game at Warrington after confirming he is involved in a police investigation.

VIDEO: Selfie stick ban for Rome's Colosseum

BBC - Fri, 2015-03-13 12:23
The Colosseum in Rome has banned selfie sticks to protect the 2,000-year-old monument.

Woods 'hopeful' of Masters return

BBC - Fri, 2015-03-13 12:16
Former world number one Tiger Woods is "hopeful" of a return for the Masters but will miss next week's Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Athletes Help Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Defy Bullies

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-13 12:15

Desiree Andrews is a cheerleader at Lincoln Middle School in Wisconsin. She has Down syndrome — and as some hecklers learned last year, she also has the support of her school's basketball team.

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White House jumper pleads guilty

BBC - Fri, 2015-03-13 12:11
An Iraq war veteran who jumped the White House fence and ran into the building with a knife has pleaded guilty to two charges.

Watson sees off Giorgi fightback

BBC - Fri, 2015-03-13 12:05
Heather Watson withstands a second-set recovery from Italy's Camila Giorgi to reach round three at Indian Wells.

The Rules Don't Apply To Hillary Clinton...Or Any Of The Other Un-Candidates

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-13 11:44

A unanimous ruling from the Federal Election Commission reaffirms that Hillary Clinton is, in fact, not a candidate for president — yet.

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Seven countries that moved capitals

BBC - Fri, 2015-03-13 11:40
As Egypt unveils plans to build a new administrative capital, BBC News looks at seven other countries that have moved their seat of government.

'Going Clear' explores the finances of Scientology

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-03-13 11:38

Marketplace's Lizzie O'Leary speaks to filmmaker Alex Gibney and author-producer Lawrence Wright about their HBO documentary, "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief."

"Going Clear" opens in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York on Friday, March 13, with a broadcast release on HBO on March 29th.

More information about the Scientology response to the film is available at the Church of Scientology Freedom Magazine website

Listen to the full interview with Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright in the player above.

VIDEO: Stars line up for Comic Relief

BBC - Fri, 2015-03-13 11:36
A host of stars are taking part in this year's Comic Relief charity appeal to raise money for projects in the UK and abroad.

Pope pushes on with Vatican financial reforms

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-03-13 11:33

Friday marks the second anniversary of the election of Pope Francis. In just two years, he’s credited with breathing new life into the Catholic Church with his focus on reform and repairing the church's reputation.

One priority has been cleaning up the Vatican Bank, created during World War II to manage money for the Catholic Church. Over the years it became mired in allegations of money laundering and tax evasion.

“So far, he’s been the new sheriff in town,” says Gerald Posner, author of the book “God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican." “He’s really passing reforms that—if he’s there long enough—will change this bank into a boring, mid-level, sort of government bank, and the wild, crazy days of the past will be over.”

The return of the debt limit

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-03-13 11:33

This Sunday the United States' statutory debt limit will once again go into effect, essentially reinstating the debt ceiling at the level of the U.S. debt on Sunday, probably around $18 trillion.

The reason the debt limit is returning to haunt our fiscal dreams is because Congress kicked the can down the road when it passed a suspension of the debt limit in February, 2014. 

But it's hard to know how long the Department of Treasury can use "extraordinary measures" to keep paying its bills before it begins to risk defaulting on its debt. That's because government revenues are lumpy — lots comes in during tax season, for example. The best estimate sets the new deadline at some time in October or November.

My money story: When family values battle happiness

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-03-13 11:32

Betty Ming Liu's parents immigrated to the United States in the mid-1940s to escape political turmoil in China. Liu grew up in New York's Chinatown, where her father owned a book-keeping business.

She explains her outlook on money, and her experience growing up with immigrant parents.

Betty Ming Liu is a blogger, journalist, and professor in the New York City area. To hear Betty Ming Liu's full story, listen using the audio player above. 

Lenny Henry kicks off Comic Relief

BBC - Fri, 2015-03-13 11:30
Comedian Lenny Henry has kicked off this year's Comic Relief appeal at the London Palladium.

Recruiting future 'cyber defenders'

BBC - Fri, 2015-03-13 11:25
Competition aims to find top computer security talent