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The best part of waking up ... is no longer Folgers

Marketplace - American Public Media - Wed, 2015-02-25 01:30

That's how many episodes "Parks and Recreation" aired over seven years, wrapping up Tuesday night with an hour-long finale. The critically acclaimed sitcom was never a ratings giant, but it enjoyed a long run thanks to a combination of factors unique to the television business. Vulture has a good case-study.


That's how much adjunct professors in the U.S. make on average per course taught. Thousands of adjunct faculty—often part-time, and underpaid without benefits—are planning demonstrations on Wednesday as part of National Adjunct Walkout Day. The American Association of University Professors says as many as three-quarters of professors in the U.S. are not on a tenure track.

$312 million

That's the reported second-quarter profit for Campbell Soup Company, which is down from the reported $361 million in profit from the same period a year ago. Campbell's has seen sales of traditional soups slip in recent years. It's why the company is exploring other products like organic baby food.

138,324 percent

That's how much coffee pod sales increased in the past ten years, about 30 percent annually these days. The pods, popularized by Keurig's single-cup coffeemakers, are leading a surge in low-end coffee sales both at home and in cafes, the Washington Post reports.

Washington Post $4.7 billion

Whole Foods Markets' sales last quarter, a four-year record. The upscale grocer may be pulling out of the sales slump and stock price tailspin its seen in recent years, Quartz reported, thanks in large part to lowering its prices.

85 countries

That's how many countries Gemalto, a Dutch SIM card maker, operates in. As reported by the BBC, the company says that the NSA and GCHQ likely did hack into it systems as alleged by the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Elaborating on two specific attacks, Gemalto said fake emails were sent to a customer that appeared to come from an employee, and a hacking attempt was made to spy on messages sent between workers in their French office.

'Don't cut other areas to fund NHS'

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-25 01:15
Most people do not want to see cuts to other public services in order to protect the NHS, according to data from the British Social Attitudes survey.

Nature park search for missing girl

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-25 01:07
A nature reserve is sealed off as part of the search for a Bristol teenager following her "out-of-character" disappearance.

Girl hit by car now 'critically ill'

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-25 00:53
A teenage schoolgirl who was hit by a car in Belfast on Tuesday morning is now critically ill in hospital.

VIDEO: US house destroyed in gas blast

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-25 00:49
Two people are seriously injured in an explosion at a house in the US state of New Jersey.

Ambulance times improve after low

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-25 00:45
Ambulance response times for the most urgent calls in Wales improve slightly over the last month following worst figures on record.

Europe's 'Landsat' ready for launch

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-25 00:32
The "workhorse" satellite in Europe's new multi-billion-euro Earth observation programme is built and ready to go into orbit.

VIDEO: Backstage at the Brit Awards 2015

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-25 00:32
Natalie Jamieson goes on a backstage tour ahead of the Brits Awards 2015.

No World Cup compensation - Fifa

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-25 00:28
Fifa says it will not pay compensation to clubs and leagues unhappy about plans to play 2022 World Cup in November and December.

Trampoline park temporarily closed

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-25 00:27
A new trampoline park in Midlothian which had more than 100 incidents in three weeks is temporarily closed due to "licensing issues".

Immigration Street 'fractures' area

BBC - Wed, 2015-02-25 00:22
Residents of an area shown in a controversial TV programme about immigration say they feel "fractured" and "disappointed" and fearing a backlash.

'Torture Report' Reshapes Conversation In Guantanamo Courtroom

NPR News - Tue, 2015-02-24 23:57

Last year's release of a Senate report on CIA interrogation practices means lawyers for the accused Sept. 11 plotters can now discuss in court the treatment they say their clients endured.

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D.C. Bible Museum Will Be Immersive Experience, Organizers Say

NPR News - Tue, 2015-02-24 23:53

Just three blocks from the U.S. Capitol, construction is underway for the Museum of the Bible, which will hold about 40,000 biblical artifacts from the family of Hobby Lobby president Steve Green.

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Recruiting Better Talent With Brain Games And Big Data

NPR News - Tue, 2015-02-24 23:50

Some companies are using surveys or brain games to assess what kind of workers candidates are. Employers say the tests can help reduce turnover and surface talent recruiters might otherwise overlook.

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TSB hails 2014 as a 'pivotal year'

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-24 23:44
TSB Banking Group hails 2014 as "a pivotal year" as it claims an 8.4% share of all people switching or opening a new bank account.

Paris night drone mystery deepens

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-24 23:25
Drones appear over central Paris overnight, for the second time, and police are no nearer knowing who is operating them.

Jamaica decriminalises marijuana use

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-24 23:21
Jamaica's parliament decriminalises the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

Morrisons names new chief executive

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-24 22:34
Supermarket chain Morrisons has named former Tesco director David Potts as its new chief executive.

Wednesday's gossip column

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-24 22:33
Danny Ings plans Liverpool move, Gary Neville urges time for Louis van Gaal, Ronaldo comes out of retirement, plus more

NI 'not dealing with troubled past'

BBC - Tue, 2015-02-24 22:29
Northern Ireland is still not dealing properly with issues relating to its troubled past, according to a new report by Amnesty International.