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VIDEO: Inside nuclear team's analysis labs

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 06:59
Bethany Bell gets an exclusive look at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) laboratory near Vienna.

Aston Villa sign Ghana striker Ayew

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 06:53
Aston Villa sign Ghana striker Jordan Ayew, as they look to replace Liverpool's Christian Benteke.

Woman guilty of child sex abuse

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 06:43
A woman is found guilty of the sexual abuse of children, including rape.

A Week Later, Milwaukee Police Still On The Hunt For 'Lion-Like' Animal

NPR News - Mon, 2015-07-27 06:34

Police have been receiving reports of a large "lion-like" animal roaming the city, but over the weekend police confirmed a sighting.

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Burnell first Brit to seal Rio place

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 06:20
Jack Burnell becomes the first British athlete to qualify directly for the Rio 2016 Olympics in the 10km swimming marathon.

Why are some jokes being hidden on Twitter?

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 06:20
Why is Twitter hiding some jokes?

Where you live will cost you

Marketplace - American Public Media - Mon, 2015-07-27 06:00

Conventional thinking might lead us to believe that people who reside in cities with higher living expenses probably also have the highest debt burdens. But residents of the City by the Bay have the least credit card burden of any major metropolitan city, according to a new study by

Using data from credit bureau Experian, determined how long it would take for residents of 25 of the largest U.S. cities to pay off their current credit card debt. And the results were all over the map.

Metropolitan areas on the coasts tended to have lower credit card burden than elsewhere in the country, while areas of the South were on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Courtney Miller, an economics writer for NerdWallet, says a lot of it comes down to the culture surrounding credit card debt.

"I think there’s a ton of factors that go into it, and part of it is how much people need to rely on credit cards. So a city like San Francisco ... there [are] a lot of cash-only places in that kind of city."

San Antonio came in last place, where residents were projected to take the longest to pay off credit card debt — in fact, of the top 10 cities with the highest debt burden, seven were located in the South. Miller points to lower overall income in those areas, combined with a tendency towards higher credit card debt.

But there are a lot of moving parts to determining credit card debt. Take Alaska for example.

"They tend to have a higher credit card debt, but they actually have a pretty high credit score compared to the rest of the country ... (In Alaska), maybe you have to buy things online more, so you use a credit card more," Miller says.

Automated trucks seek German licence

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 05:52
Car manufacturer Daimler is hoping to test self-driving trucks on German roads as early as this year.

Fringe society defrauded of £200,000

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 05:45
More than £200,000 was fraudulently taken from from the organisation which runs Edinburgh's Fringe festival by a former employee.

Who was 'Mr Big' Paul Massey?

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 05:39
How businessman Paul Massey earned the fearsome moniker

Has disabled sport lost 2012 momentum?

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 05:31
David Weir fears momentum generated by disabled sport "will die" due to not being in the public eye enough.

Gift cards for phones offer launched

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 05:08
Consumers can exchange old mobile phones for instant gift vouchers at catalogue retailer Argos.

Test cricket is 'brutal' - Bell

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 05:04
Under-pressure England batsman Ian Bell describes Test cricket as a 'brutal environment' ahead of the third Ashes Test.

Dane Bowers 'hit ex in glitter row'

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 04:52
Singer and DJ Dane Bowers hit his ex-fiancee in the face during a row over why he had glitter on his face, a court hears.

Can Lord Sewel stay in the Lords?

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 04:45
Can Lord Sewel remain in the House of Lords in the wake of allegations of drug-taking and consorting with prostitutes?

Rogers 'good to go' for third Test

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 04:40
Australia batsman Chris Rogers is fit to play in the third Ashes Test after recovering from dizzy spells.

Parents charged over fatal crash

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 04:31
The parents of a man charged in connection with a fatal crash in Armoy, County Antrim, have appeared in court charged with perverting the course of justice.

Jury retires in Libor rigging case

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 04:25
The jury in the trial of Tom Hayes, the trader charged with rigging global Libor interest rates, has retired to digest nine weeks of evidence.

Church 'hid 1,000 alleged abusers'

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 04:16
The Jehovah's Witness church in Australia failed to report more than 1,000 alleged child sex abusers to the police, an inquiry into child abuse hears.

Ofcom clears Top Gear over 'pikey'

BBC - Mon, 2015-07-27 04:15
Ofcom backs a BBC Trust decision not to censure the BBC over the use of the word "pikey" in an edition of Top Gear.