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Stroke campaign 'reduced disability'

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 18:04
Campaign to raise awareness of stroke symptoms saves thousands from lasting damage, Public Health England says.

Doctors urged to tell patients names

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 18:00
More than 90 NHS organisations back a terminally ill doctor's campaign to encourage healthcare staff to introduce themselves to patients.

Aid target figure 'should be kept'

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 17:49
A spending target for international aid must be kept in place despite the number of low-income countries falling, a Commons committee says.

Labour warned over tuition fees cut

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 17:31
Leading universities describe plans to cut the tuition fees cap from £9,000 to £6,000 being considered by Labour as "implausible".

VIDEO: Thailand's obsession with football

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 17:24
One of England's oldest football clubs Sheffield Wednesday has become the latest to be taken over by a Thai businessman.

VIDEO: Who is the mysterious donor giving thousands to gamers?

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 17:13
Who is showering cash on video game streamers?

US oil workers go on national strike

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 16:44
US union leaders launch a large-scale strike at nine refineries after failing to agree on a new national contract with major oil companies.

The new breed of 'vloggers' here to challenge people

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 16:37
These vloggers are here to challenge what you think

Scottish Friendly in takeover move

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 16:35
Financial group Scottish Friendly is set to double in size after announcing it is close to securing the takeover of another mutual.

Private rental market 'lacks supply'

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 16:32
A significant number of people have struggled to find suitable private-rented accommodation in Scotland, according to a report.

Greste to pursue colleagues' release

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 16:26
Australian journalist Peter Greste, freed from prison in Egypt on Sunday, will not rest until two colleagues are also released, his family says.

MPs to back Scots young voters plan

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 16:23
The permanent inclusion of 16 and 17-year-olds on the Scottish electoral system is expected to take a step forward later.

Mediocrity battle, university fee concern, and the 'British sniper'

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 16:20
Various education stories share space in Monday's headlines with political rows and a story about Britain's rival to the famed "American sniper".

The making of a 'driving vigilante'

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 15:58
The vigilante cyclist shaming bad drivers on YouTube

VIDEO: 'These are Michelangelo's statues'

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 15:56
Experts believe they have found two bronze Michelangelo statues

Tube ticket office closures begin

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 15:32
The first London Underground ticket offices to close in a move that has prompted strikes and long-running dispute shut their windows.

Airports as hi-tech pleasure domes?

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 15:03
How tech could make air travel stress-free and fun

Making money from rubbish

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 15:03
The recycling entrepreneur who doesn't change his jeans

Careers advice 'failing teenagers'

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 15:03
Too many teenagers are dropping out of school or college or failing to pass their courses, because of poor advice, say local councillors.

Sculptures 'may be by Michelangelo'

BBC - Sun, 2015-02-01 15:01
Two previously obscure bronze sculptures may be the work of Michelangelo, according to a team of researchers led by Cambridge University experts.