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US drops News Corp hacking probe

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 15:53
Rupert Murdoch's media company News Corp will not be prosecuted in the US over the phone hacking scandal that rocked the company in the UK.

Transfer window: 10 unusual facts

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 15:48
Ultimate frisbee, debut-delaying socks, and ocean-inspired names - read our alternative facts on the transfer window signings.

U.S. Walks Back Decision To Classify Info On Afghan Security Forces

NPR News - Mon, 2015-02-02 15:39

A government watchdog had said that classifying the information would harm its ability to publicly account for the billions of dollars spent each year on Afghan forces.

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How accurate are 'due dates'?

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 15:33
But what's the chance both babies will be born on the same day?

Crowds expected for Sir Jack funeral

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 15:32
Thousands of people are expected to line the streets of Wolverhampton later for the funeral of Sir Jack Hayward, the millionaire former Wolves FC owner.

The men of steel with a softer side

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 15:27
The Indian men of steel with a soft centre

Bosses 'hit back at Miliband' - papers

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 15:13
Labour leader Ed Miliband's relationship with business leads some papers, while others focus on the circumstances of struggling Britons.

Minimising the hacker threat

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 15:02
If a cyber-attack is unpreventable, what can you do?

Man Utd sign rookie Bolton defender

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 15:00
Manchester United sign 21-year-old Bolton Wanderers defender Andy Kellett on loan until the end of the season.

Austria sees first Pegida march

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 14:42
The anti-Islamist group Pegida, which began in Germany, hold its first rally in Austria, but marchers find themselves outnumbered by rival protesters.

VIDEO: Footage shows huge starling formation

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 14:32
A murmuration, or flock, of starlings flew spectacularly in the sky near Rahat in Israel.

VIDEO: F1 testing: Vettel sets pace in Jerez

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 14:30
Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel sets the pace again on day two of the first pre-season test in Jerez as McLaren-Honda continued to struggle.

Sundance Festival Opens Doors For Minority Filmmakers

NPR News - Mon, 2015-02-02 14:15

The festival has become a launching pad for emerging filmmakers of color who face challenges in historically white, male-dominated Hollywood.

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US expands Venezuela visa bans

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 14:12
The United States imposes visa restrictions on unnamed Venezuelan officials over alleged human rights violations and corruption.

VIDEO: Childhood abuse: Surviving the pain

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 14:09
Fergal Keane speaks to survivors of child abuse and hears their stories of survival.

Fuhgeddaboudit: New York Accent On Its Way Out, Linguists Say

NPR News - Mon, 2015-02-02 14:05

New York City is home to more than 700 languages, including distinct "New Yorker" accents. A new exhibit examines how changes in the city's population are contributing to their decline.

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Child's money taken in foodbank raid

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-02 13:54
Money which had been raised to help a 10-year-old girl who was injured in a hit-and-run incident has been stolen in a raid on a foodbank.

Moving on from Teapot Dome, 90-plus years later

Marketplace - American Public Media - Mon, 2015-02-02 13:51

On Friday, the Department of Energy finalized a deal to sell off the Teapot Dome oilfield. Yes ... that Teapot Dome.

The oilfield, located in Wyoming, was central to the Teapot Dome bribery scandal that scarred the Warren Harding Administration in the 1920s.

Anyway, taxpayers got 22 million barrels of oil out of the ground over the years. We sold off the oilfield for $45 million.

Economists Say Millennials Should Consider Careers In Trades

NPR News - Mon, 2015-02-02 13:47

Many economists say a big missing piece of the economic puzzle are apprenticeships that give high school graduates access to good-paying, higher skilled jobs in the trades.

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