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Being human in the age of automation

Marketplace - American Public Media - Tue, 2014-10-07 02:00

In Nicholas Carr’s new book, "The Glass Cage – Automation and Us," he describes an academic study in which researchers discover a key difference between how we feel at work versus at home. At work, people can’t wait to clock out, whereas at home, they dread returning to work.

But surprisingly, the study also found that by many metrics, people are actually happier on the job. And in a world where the main goal of technology seems to be to reduce the work we do, Carr thinks maybe we should take a different tack:

“I think most of us, if we really thought about it, know that it’s really when we’re being challenged and when we’re really immersed in a task or a job…that’s when we feel like we are experiencing life in some better, more fulfilling way.”

In the book, Carr offers one example of how the video game, Red Dead Redemption, helped him realize that games can be a good model for software designed to engage and challenge us in an activity. Carr argues that if we are simply more mindful of how technology influences our experience of life, we can make better decisions about the things we buy, even if it’s as small as a video game.

Click the media player above to hear Nicholas Carr in conversation with Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson.

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Eurozone split - Europe's central drama

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'Not enough police' to combat fraud

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Investigations begin at a Madrid hospital where a Spanish nurse is the first person known to have contracted the Ebola virus outside west Africa.

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Hong Kong student leaders agree to hold formal talks with the government after a week of protests, which are still blocking parts of the city.

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Workers on the London Underground are to hold a 48-hour strike next week in a long-running dispute over staff cuts.

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A ballot opens for the chance to see the four remaining copies of the original Magna Carta displayed together for the first time.

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Man shot in chest at house in city

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A man in his 30s is in hospital after being shot in the chest at a house in Oranmore Street in west Belfast.