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VIDEO: 'Goggle camera' records Ebola crisis

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 04:07
Dr Javid Abdelmoneim wore special goggle cameras to record his time at an Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone - here he carefully removes his protective equipment.

Nearly 36m people 'live as slaves'

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:58
Nearly 36 million people worldwide, or 0.5% of the world's population, live as slaves, a survey by anti-slavery campaign group Walk Free says.

Hunt for IS killers in Kassig video

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:58
A Frenchman and a Briton are believed to be among IS militants seen in the murder video of US aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig, officials say.

In pictures: Ebola orphans

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:58
Pictures of the children nobody wants

'Time is right' for female bishops

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:46
Anglicans say 'time is right' for first women bishop

UK doctor on the Ebola front line

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:33
British doctor on life and death in the Ebola zone

Indian doctors 'kill suspected thief'

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:18
A group of junior doctors beat a suspected thief to death at a medical college in the eastern Indian city of Calcutta, police say.

Dumb's the word at US box office

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:10
Dumb and Dumber To, the intentionally misspelt sequel to Jim Carrey's 1994 comedy, tops the US box office chart on its first weekend in cinemas.

Bird flu: What threat to humans?

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:08
Bird flu has been confirmed at a farm in England. What risk, if any, does this pose to people?

VIDEO: 'I stopped drinking for my voice'

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:06
Opera singer Alfie Boe, nicknamed "the people's tenor" talks about staying healthy and the release of his new album Serenata.

Cannibal murder inquest to be held

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:02
An inquest into the murder of a woman who was killed in an act of cannibalism is to be held on Friday.

Kenya protest over miniskirt attack

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:02
At least 200 people protest in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, after a group of men tore off a woman's clothes for wearing a miniskirt.

Facebook builds 'workplace network'

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 03:01
Facebook is developing a platform for professionals to network and collaborate on documents, according to the Financial Times.

'Plebgate' police 'span web of lies'

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 02:56
Police span a "web of lies" that led to the "vitriolic" Plebgate press campaign against the then chief whip Andrew Mitchell, a court hears.

Thai baby body parts posted to US

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 02:56
Thai police say two Americans have left the country after trying to smuggle out preserved body parts, including a baby's head and foot.

AUDIO: Ebola vaccine on track for January

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 02:53
Professor Adrian Hill and trial volunteer Ruth Atkins discuss the progress of an experimental Ebola vaccine.

Better hospital food may become law

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 02:37
Scotland could become the first country in the UK to legally oblige hospitals to serve nutritional meals to patients.

Picture power: End of the line for Putin

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 02:33
President Putin on the edge of the family photograph at the G20 summit in Australia.

VIDEO: April Jones' parents see house torn down

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 02:31
A demolition team has begun tearing down a cottage dubbed the "house of evil", where Mark Bridger is believed to have murdered five-year-old April Jones.

More UK students go to US university

BBC - Mon, 2014-11-17 02:30
There are more than 10,000 students from the UK at university in the US, up by 8% on the previous year.