International News

Polish woman 'returns from the dead'

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:32
A 91-year-old Polish woman who spent 11 hours in cold storage in a morgue after being declared dead has returned to her family, complaining of feeling cold.

Come on feel the noise?

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:19
The bike saddle that plays music

VIDEO: How one man saved the 'sheep-pig'

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:18
How a woolly breed of porker was brought back from the brink

Brazil's downturn fails to put off investors

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:16
Brazil's downturn fails to put off foreign investors

Translation tech talking business

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:13
How language services are turning to tech to improve

Tempting packaging 'tricks shoppers'

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:11
Packaging tactics run the risk of misleading shoppers about products and deals, according to consumer group Which?.

Jihadist 'ban' and immigration on front pages

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:09
Plans to restrict the return of UK-born jihadists who have joined Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria make headlines, while immigration is again in the news.

VIDEO: 'I am the Roma Elvis'

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:05
Elvis Presley the Romany way

Why SA rugby is still torn over race

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:04
Nearly 20 years after the Rainbow Nation's first World Cup win, why do some South Africans support the All Blacks instead?

The disabled children locked up in cages

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:04
The disabled children who are kept in cages

VIDEO: Photographing unseen London

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:03
Peter Dazeley talks to the BBC about the difficulty of photographing London's hidden gems.

Why the NHS is facing a tricky winter

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:02
Could a bad winter spell trouble for patients and politicians alike?

Defeat like nothing before - Murray

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:01
Andy Murray says he has never experienced a defeat like his 6-0 6-1 thrashing by Roger Federer at the World Tour Finals.

NHS winter fears 'prompt cash boost'

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 15:00
Fears of a winter crisis in the NHS in England have prompted ministers to increase the emergency funds available.

Burkina Faso transition plan agreed

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 14:59
A blueprint for a transitional government in Burkina Faso has been agreed after talks between political, military and civil leaders.

VIDEO: Dyke 'can't take report seriously'

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 14:31
English FA chairman Greg Dyke has told Newsnight that he "can't take Fifa's report seriously".

VIDEO: Buzz Aldrin on comet landing

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 14:28
The second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, talks to the BBC about the importance of the Rosetta comet landing.

VIDEO: Secrets of a skyscraper window cleaner

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 14:23
The perils of working so high up a skyscraper

VIDEO: Photos of Earth's beauty from space

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 14:08
Chris Hadfield, who has published photographs of Earth taken from the ISS, tells the BBC's Katty Kay how he feels about the historic comet landing of the robot probe Philae.

Mexico student protest tour begins

BBC - Thu, 2014-11-13 14:06
The parents of 43 missing Mexican students begin a nationwide bus tour in protest at the government's handling of the case.